kindergarden roundup

Today I registered this little guy for kindergarden.
Ok. So maybe that picture is a little bit old.
But so stinkin cute.
(and yes my boy used to wear a helmet and he made it look good!)
So this is a slightly more recent picture.
But I'm not really sure how we suddenly got from there to here.

And I did feel a bit...
oh-my-gosh-I-can't-believe-I-am-registering-my-baby-for-kindergarden even though I'm not usually that kind of mom.
Is he ready? Am I ready? Will he do ok? Will he make friends? Will he be smart enough? Will his teacher like him? Is he too little? Will he know where to go? Will he be able to put the straw in his capri sun all by himself?
But within minutes my kid had single handedly organized the rowdiest game of hide and go seek with about a half dozen kids that he had never met while I filled out a ridiculous amount of forms and waited in as many different lines. After they had tired and squealing and running and going over and under the cafeteria tables him and his new bestie (Garrett with 2 Ts and plays T ball...yes they really bonded) tried every angle they could to break into the ice cream case and score a dreamsicle. And then I realized that really the only person I should really be worried about is his teacher.

(and if you are still confused about the helmet, it seems like a lifetime ago, but I did write about it once here)


Corinne said...

How exciting and nerve wracking all at once!!! You both will do great :)

elisabeth said...

Only 13 more years until I can retire? Unless I wait for your girl too!