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through it all

The Sunday after New Year’s I sat in church and sang an old hymn.  I was having trouble paying attention that day. I was singing without much thought to the words. I wondered where we would eat lunch. I hoped my kids would stop squirming. I was tired. I was there, but I wasn’t there.
And suddenly the lyrics caught me.
“All is well with my soul”
I noticed the word soul, but mostly I noticed what it didn’t say. It didn’t say all is well with my health.  (or bank account, or relationships, or job or kids clean house).
We kept singing it and I kept having to admit that I want a few more promises. I was ready to have myself a pity party that morning because a health issue had come back. I have a nerve condition that causes chronic pain in my face. Since I was having symptoms again I had done some research online, which we all know is a terrible idea. Let’s just say that the internet was not encouraging. At the time, it wasn’t bothering me too badly…but knowing that there are treatments but no cu…