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living room

He gently turned the pegs to tune his guitar in the other room while we polished off our desserts and glasses of wine. We laughed like old friends even though I barely knew some of these girls. We made plans for roller derbies and 80s dance clubs that may or may not pan out.
We rinsed our plates off into the sink and headed into the living room bringing our glasses with us.
We settled into couches and extra chairs or even onto the floor.

Kids flung open doors to get to the trampoline.
Dogs wove in and out of our feet.
Glasses were refilled and this guy at the front of the room began to sing.
Soulfully. With his eyes closed and knees moving to the rhythm.

I have seen pictures of house concerts on blogs. But they always seemed pretty hip and things that only people in Nashville or at least younger than me seemed to do.

As he sang his opening song I thought of crowded college coffee shops with bands singing on "stage" while we sipped our expresso shakes and tried to impress bo…

on Saturday

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun was out. it wasn’t too hot. All day I kept thinking that I should get out and run. Or at least walk the dog. soak up some of that sun. But the only reason I got off my couch was to go get ice cream.
I was moody. and tired. and melancholy for no reason whatsoever. The day before had been wonderful.  A day of good food, family adventure and friends over . And I knew that Sunday was Easter. My most favorite holiday.  But i still struggled to get in the spirit.
Lent passed me by.  I gave something up. Sort of because I kept cheating. I listened to some sermons. I read a little. But I did not feel ready.
I pushed my cart through the narrow aisles of the grocery store that day. I hadn’t even made a list but i know that cooking can settle my soul in the same ways that running and writing can. Maybe I just needed to chop and simmer. I tossed things in my cart while something about resurrection kept running through my head. “What is dead will be resurrected”  over and …


throw back thursday.
in other words....a recycled post...

This is from this exact Holy Thursday about 4 years ago.

This morning I left my house at 6:11.
About 20 minutes earlier than usual ( ridiculous time to go to work I know, but that is a topic for another blog post).
And I pulled into my church parking lot.
An almost empty church parking lot.
I read in my church bulletin last week that they chapel would be open from 6-8 am for anyone who wanted to take communion on this Holy Thursday.
I love the act of communion and have been getting up early every day this week to observe Holy Week. And so I thought that this morning instead of sitting on my couch reading and quiet that maybe I should go to the chapel instead.

But after I pulled in, I immediately thought about turning around and getting a coffee instead.
I was a little uncomfortable about the idea of showing up at church at 6:27 am.
And I didn’t know what to expect.
If this would be weird.
If I was supposed to say anything or do…


Like most people I spend a good amount of my time trying to obtain things. more clothes. more friends. more attention. more money. more followers.
But the truth is I am much better at losing things. my keys. my id. my wallet. my phone. my debit card.  my patience.
Unless we are talking about weight...most of us would much rather gain than lose. Add more to our resume or closets than take away. Loss scares us. We do all kinds of things to avoid it at all costs.
I re-read a book the other night and what caught my attention this time was the idea of loss being more meaningful than gaining. (Drops Like Stars) I've read the book at least four times but what I was drawn to this time was his description of sculpting. That all the artist has to do is remove. Lose. That the beauty is in there all along and someone just has to take the time to carve it out. To find it. To free it. To let everyone else see what lies underneath.
Let's be honest. Most of us spend more time trying to cover up than we do revea…