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my little rock star


We all have our quirks.
Shaun rubs his nose with his fist, back and forth. I swear his entire nose must be made of rubber.
My friend Wendy hates all white foods ( even ranch and whipped cream).
Owen is afraid of ladybugs.
I hate to get things on my hands. Sometimes I can prepare myself for it and not totally freak out ( like when eating finger foods or playing in the mud w/O).....but if something accdientally finds it's way on my hands ( especially food or other ickies) I panick. I am no longer a normal functioning person and just start making werid noises until someone hands me a papertowel or napkin ( even if there is one already in my lap).
No I am not usually a neat freak. In fact I am probably one of the grossest people you know. My shower grows mold. I can go days without washing my hair. I never remember to change the sheets. With me the 30 second rule is more like a 3 minute rule. But I have zero tolerance for ick on me.
Kids completely throw this rule out the window. I…

The mommy wars

I just read a blog relishing her new mommyhood. There were some statements that put me slightly on the defensive:

" I could never imagine choosing to work fulltime when I don't have to financially. I don't understand women who have children and continue to work for their fulfillment. I'll be completely honest. I'm sure that will offend some people. But as I watch this little life grow into a human being I just cant fathom giving her up to someone else to raise while I pursued monetary or career related success. Being a mother is truly one of the sweetest, hardest, most beautiful, soul searching, enormous journeys I can imagine. Every day she teaches me something about love, life, humanity and true happiness. When I think about missing this time the sadness is overwhelming."

These weren't offensive........but they do elicit a response. I read a lot of Christian parenting books that kind of paint the same picture but much more harshly. I feel like…

number 2

The second child always seems to get the shaft. To be honest I couldn't even tell me where the 8 week sono picture is and I never even emailed it to anyone.

This pregnancy has flown by so far. I have a feeling that for the summer chasing a three year old who refuses to nap and wearing a bathing suit while wearing skin for two might not move as quickly. Don't get me wrong I have noticed. Every time I puked, didn't get a much longed for afternoon nap ( most days) and couldn't button my pants I was reminded of this baby. The incessant kicking lately is also insisting that it's presence be made known.....what I mean is a sever lack of planning and thinking about all things pastel and powdery. Yes I still check the sites weekly to see how she has grown. I occasionally worry that she is ok. I have tried not to lift things that are too heavy......except of course for Owen and have decided it is ok to quit the gym. What I hadn't done is settle on a name ( well at least…

think pink

after several attempts my sonographer finally committed to a girl dignosis. Negaitve side of the womb this baby is even uncooperative. Positive side.......she likes to keep her legs crossed.
I'll scan and post some pics later.


We have the worst yard on the cul-de-sac. I am not exaggerating. Even the abondoned house's lawn is kept up better than ours. We hate yard work. Our noses run. Our eyes get red and itchy and it is already stinkin hot. Our neighbors on both sides seem to disagree. They love yard work and are out 2-3 times a week working in their flower beds, trimming hedges and mowing. They don't seem to mind spending lots of money on landscaping and lawn equipment while I would much rather buy a new shirt.
Eventually my grassy flower beds start to get to me and I attempt to weed them out. It is always the same story. As I am pulling weeds and avoiding ants -- I swear I will keep it up better this year. That I will pull weeds when I see them, rather than waiting for my annual event. It takes days. I usually get my first good sunburn of the year and thorns somehow make their way through the gloves and scratch my hands. It is usually too much so I get what I can and pour mulch over the …

week by week

Addicted to week by week websites.
I am a tad embarrassed to say that one of the highlights of my week is looking up new baby info online. There are about 20 week by week pregnancy sites out there and I swear I have been to them all, at least 19 times. Most of them are weird, try to sell me stuff and are written poorly. They tell me gross stuff, like that my baby is covered in hair and a cheesy wax substance and this week he/she probably produced her first baby poo ( meconium). They give measurements in cm and grams. I am a science teacher and live occasionally in the metric world, but still can’t picture what 300 grams is. I am thankful for the one site that tells me my unborn child is the size of a very large heirloom tomato. That I get. For some reason, it is easier for me to bigger a tomato thing inside me rather than a 300 gram cheesy, hairy pooping fetus. Yet still, week after week I look forward to reading about the new growth or changes going on with in me. It gives me so…

The attic

A friend recently adopted a sweet baby boy. It got me hunting for some of O’s old things possibly to hand down. Shaun is out of town so I crawled up into the attic instead up sending him up for a load. I was a bit overwhelmed at all the baby stuff camped out up there. And equally overwhelmed that soon enough we will be bringing it all back down again.
There were neatly labeled tubs filled with baby clothes. I found the first one and was shocked at how small they seemed. Owen is not quite three. Not so much time has passed. Especially compared to my old footlocker collecting dust in the back corner. It is filled with high school stuff like year books and letter jackets. That all seems worlds away. But these tubs, they are pretty recent additions to the attic.
I held a new baby recently at a baby shower and felt awkward all over again. Her head kind of flopped and I had forgotten about all those weird noises they make.
It is supposed to be easy this time around. I have all the stuff. I hav…