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Tess month 2 stats

2 month appointment today. Apparenlty if you are 10 minutes late they really will reschedule you.
10 lbs 12 oz.
23.25 inches
and super cranky after those 4 shots.

The Great Thanksgiving

I was raised in (and recently returned to) the Methodist church. Methodists celebrate communion on the first Sunday of every month with an “open table”. I have always loved communion. When I was small it was primarily for the grape juice. I heart grape juice and my parents had an official ban on all red liquids in our house until I graduated college ( I kid you not!). Later of course, I started to understand that communion is a precious holy thing and is to be endeared for much more than the forbidden delicious beverages served.

The church I grew up in had a very traditional service. Every first Sunday after a slightly abbreviated sermon we would turn our hymnals to the back. The parts where the preacher would read his part and the rest of us would read the boldface sections outloud in attempted unison. The communion liturgy we read every week was entitled “ The Great Thanksgiving”. For years, I wondered what the connection was between bread and grape juice and Thanksgiving. They sure …

alternative uses by Owen

We have toys strewn across the house. Toys that light up, or make noise, or build things. All kinds. Some of them expensive.

Of course.........O just wants to play with random stuff like boxes or paper bags but this one was new for me.

If you can't tell it is a breast sheild ( the business end of a breast pump).

Apparently O thought it made a better megaphone for his one man parade.

Let them Eat Fruitcake

Consider this a commercial break. Blog tour book review take 2.

Melody Carlson's Let them Eat Fruitcake

Are you having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit? You know, well before Thanksgiving. This year they didn't even wait until Halloween to start putting up all the Christmas goodies. If you don't want to break out the tree just yet or start addressing Christmas can start with this fun light read.
The basic premise: Four twenty-something girls sharing a house between the timeframe of Thanksgiving to Christmas. Each have their own mishaps, doubts and/or disfunctions.

The good: Maybe I am just in the Christmas spirit.....but I mostly have good things to say. It was light and fun because who has time to read anything serious during the holidays. It reads really fast and is perfect for any holiday travel....if you have a car/plane ride ahead of you. Assuming you are not the one driving, although I did catch myself reading it redlights (yes, I am that gi…

thanksgiving and the temple of doom

Today when I picked up O from school he was coloring a pilgrim. I tried to tell him some of the Thanksgiving story as we loaded him up in the car.
I gave him the gist about Pilgrims and Indians and the first Thanksgiving dinner. I thought he was getting it and told him that it was about to be Thanksgiving and that we would have our own feast.
He got all excited and said "Indiana Jones is coming to dinner!"
He was very disappointed to learn that Indiana Jones and Indians aren't quite the same thing or even slightly related. And that no actual Indians would be coming to dinner either, although I am a smidge Cherokee.

Note to self, ask Dad what kind of "cartoons" they have been watching.

severe weather warning

On Monday we had some nasty weather. There were even tornado warnings in some neighboring counties.
O's school decided to take the oppertunity to be extra safe and practice their tornado drill. So some brave 3 year old class teacher rounded up all her classmates into the bathroom and tried to explain the why.
When I picked O up that afternoon, he told me that we needed to hurry home.
the "Mato" was coming.
"tornado?" I asked.
"yes, mommy. The tomato is coming. The red tomato."
I cracked up as I rushed home to beat the storm, and kept an eye out for falling produce.

seeing the big picture

Yesterday me and Shaun got an early Christmas present. A new large flatscreen TV. It isn't quite as big as some of our friends...but it does dwarf our old one. Owen, in true male fashion, is in love with this piece of electronics that is as long as he is high. Everything, especially Diego, is better on the big screen.

This morning I checked my email and read one of those messages ( or comments) that just irks you. The kind you worry about and spend an hour working on your response. The kind that you make into a much bigger deal than it really is. The kind I spent a good portion of the day trying not to think about.......but still managed to take up alot of my thought time and energy on what is probably a non-issue.

So I am trying to take a cue from my new big TV. I am going to trying and think of the bigger picture. In the bigger picture this minor issue that is stressing me out really doesn't matter (much). It does make me aware of how quickly and easily we can get der…

the elephant in the room

......or donkey.
last night i stayed up listening to amazing speeches letting the newsanchors convince me i was watching something historic. shaun even almost voted.
oprah in tears was a little too much for me though.
maybe she was crying about the lack of good material for saturday night live now that election is over. kidding.
i jest. but i was moved. i was hopeful, and I didn't even stay awake long enough for obama's speach.
i knew this morning would leave a lot of texans unhappy. i have tried to brush off their comments for the last few months. most of them assumed i felt like they did.
i didn't.
i woke up to watch obama's speech on tivo.
then i stopped to fill up my car, and cringed to see a truck flying a giant confederate flag from the back with horrible things shoepolished on his windows.
i started to doubt that any progress has been made.

then breakfast with a friend who had some very passionate opinions a few days ago. i mentioned staying up late watching cnn but…

My Monday by the numbers

7 games of solitare
2 games won.
63 pages read ( dave sedaris rocks)
2 hours of bad daytime tv ( bonnie hunt and crossing jordan)
8 phone calls telling me to vote
0 actual people on the other end.
3 number of times I was almost asleep only to be interupted by a phone call telling me to vote
25 percentage of my day spent with a child attached (literally)
2 number of times I was spit up on enough to warrant changing shirts
o times I actually changed shirts
3:36 time I put on clothes other than my pjs
6 level of bejeweled I made it to before Tess's cryings insisted on prematurely ending the game.
4 numbers of diapers changed before lunch
8 number of loads of laundry waiting to be done
1/2 number of loads actually done ( only half because it sat wet in the washer for 2 days before I finally transferred it to the dryer. Still haven't hung any of it up).
3 recipes I looked up online to make for dinner
13.84 the dollar amount of my dinner order at taco casa
5:36 time Shaun pulled up in the driveway.

Halloween 08