her bite is meaner than her bark

I know it might be hard to believe but.
This sweet little thing
Is a biter.
Like leaving marks on other kids in her class multiple days this week.

They haven’t threatened to kick us out yet.
But I’m afraid it is coming.

And I’m not really sure what to do.
She bites.
We say no.
We put her in time out.
She screams.
She hits.
She bites again.

I have one of the mean girls.

So tonight I searched parenting websites for advice on how to stop biting.
And they all pretty much stunk.


and don't worry, that's spaghetti sauce on her face, not blood.


squeakycheez07 said...

My mom works at a daycare. she is wanting to know if your child is in an out of control daycare. Is it chaotic? because then your kid may be biting to defend herself in a way.

michelle said...

her school is great...and her teacher is amazing. It is usually provoked, but....
She bit me twice last night!

Dawn said...

I was a biter. My pediatrician told my mom to bite me back..hard. She did. I never bit again. That was 30+ years ago. You'd probably get in trouble for that now though.

KatieKate said...

I have the pusher of the class. No biting, but lots of pushing. Let me know if you find a solution before we both get expelled :)

rachelizabeth said...

My three year old and six year have started biting each other. Yes, my SIX year old!

The only thing that works for me is to intervene before they get so mad that they have to resort to biting. I have to calm them down because they can't do it themselves. (usually by hugging them tight and talking to them in a calm, quiet voice)

In a daycare setting, it's really hard to do, but if the teacher can step in immediately, the biting might lessen over time. Also, teaching her one word or phrase to say, like "I mad!" will give her a way to express herself without biting.

Good luck with it!