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Two Truths and a Lie

One of the major themes from the book, Daisy Chain ( read review below)is keeping secrets and revealing truth. All blog participants were asked to participate in a game of two truths and a lie. 2 of the following statements are true, one is a bold face lie. The game is you have to decide which one is a lie. Leave your guess in the comment section.

1. I have multiple tattoos.
2. I won the 4th grade spelling bee.
3. I am allergic to dry erase markers.

(want to read the rest of them....they are kind of fun....

Daisy Chain Book Tour

3 hours and a few minutes. That is about the timeframe from when I pulled this book out of my mailbox until I got to the last few pages. Now the only question is how long do we have to wait to finish the story.

This is the third book I have read by Mary deMuth and I have devoured each one.
I am a sucker for coming of age stories and this one does not dissapoint. The characters are warm and rich and real. Topics and character traits that don't always make appearances in Christian fiction are woven easily into this story. Be warned, Mary's writing makes it hard to put her books down in the middle. Many things are resolved in the conclusion, but nothing is wrapped up neatly or tidily. There is still a lot more to the now I guess we have to wait.

Some important links:
Daisy Chain on Amazon:
Mary DeMuth’s Website:
List of all participating bloggers:…

my pneumatic easter story

my kids are sick alot. it makes frequent blog posts. we have toured the local ERs, we have had staples in the head and glued up a gaping chin. we have had breathing treatments and even one extended stay. we even spent four long months in a helmet.

but right now seems like an all time low.


which isn't nearly as scary as it sounds.
not really.
we aren't in a hospital.
O seems mostly fine.
an icky cough, a nagging fever
but people die from pneumonia.
the damn internet has me convinced that he has some kind of autoimmune disease.

Other than worried mom mode and about 100$ worth of drugs.
It is a normal night in the hurst household.
Shaun went to a movie. (ok, that isn't normal, rather a rare treat)
I worked on some lesson plans and made bottles for the next day.
Tess had a crying jag and then entertained herself with her newfound ability to roll over.
O ran around crazy, destroyed the house and then retired to my bed to watch cartoons.
but I have this constant urge to squeeze him. …