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funeral season

It started in Februray.
One of my students from last year.
It was awkward because I didn't feel quite as bad as maybe I should have. But my heart ached for all those 18 year old pall bearers.
Next was a student's sister. It was only a week or so later and I didn't make it. Kid funerals need lots of space in between.

Then on a fun girl trip to San Francisco I checked my voicemail from the back seat. First was a message from my dad saying to call him. It sounded urgent. Then again, he always sounds urgent. Next a message from my sister asking what I am doing about travel, hotel and flowers. I knew someone had died immediately.
My uncle. But I have never really called him that. More like my mother's brother. He is one of those relatives you don't really talk about. Into Harleys, tatoos, women, snakes and drugs the exact opposite of my conservative mom. He was around enough, but we didn't exactly exchange Christmas cards. But he was my mom's brother and the tears st…

out of habit

Why is it that we ( or at least me) can be so quickly sidetracked. I can hit the gym consistantly for weeks, miss a few days and not go back for a month ( or lately more).

I have been sick ( still puking), busy ( TAKS) and suddenly my blog is blank for over a month.
I think I forgot how to write. How to process in my favorite way.
It's not just my gym or my blog it is bad stuff ( or good stuff, bad in the sense that i am not doing them consistently) like tithing, church attendance, reading and studying the word daily, keeping up with old friends, budgeting, ......that kind of thing.

I would like to blame this baby growing inside me or even the stupid TAKS test, but the truth is I have been this easy to derail for years. Bad habits are hard to break, and apparently good habits are even harder to keep.

We need more than just New Years Day to make resolutions. We need a chance to renew our good habits more like once a month ( or week). So for today, nothing special Wednesday, and I …