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100 miles

Lately, I have been trying to do one thing at a time.
Sort of. Well at least less of 20 things at a time. Less texting while driving. Less playing while working. And less trying to improve everything in my life all at once. So, I took a little advice ala Gretchen Rubin and focused on one area or thing a month.
This month’s goal was specific. Run 100 miles.

And I’ve been a runner for years. Even though that doesn’t roll off the tongue too easily…the “I am a runner” part. Because someone who wears double digit pant sizes and runs double digit minute miles hardly seems to qualify as a runner. But, I have lost count of the number of races I have finished, I’ve taken ice baths and lost a few toe nails…even before this month’s undertaking. So, I’ll say it again. I am a runner.
However, I doubt I have ever logged that many miles in thirty days.Partly because it isn’t just me -there are little kids and afterschool pick up lines and getting to work before the sun and soccer practices and dance…

My drawers

Her son brushed his teeth, and then went to close the drawer. His mom had slipped out of the room to tuck his younger sister into bed. I looked down to see a tiny plastic container with just a few toiletry items inside. I tried teasing him and asking if the makeup inside was his. He giggled and said that it was his mom's drawer. Then pointing to the one on the opposite side was his dad's. And I thought to myself,  no way does this family of four share a single bathroom. I don't even like sharing toothpaste with my husband.

And it had been a good night. An evening spent with an old friend, but to be honest it wasn't quite the night that I had envisioned. I was in town for a conference and she had picked me up from my posh hotel for dinner. And instead of taking me to local eatery and laughing over a bottle of wine, she pulled into her inner city neighborhood. Like my house, there was chalk all over her driveway and multiple scooters strewn in the front lawn. Unlike min…


I have what I like to call an inherited fear of heights. Which means I close my eyes on roller coasters and stay away from the edge of balconies.

I love plane tickets and getting my passport stamped and new places.
"Going on a 'venture" as Tess would say.
But that usually means finding myself at 18000 feet in the air.

I like airports for people watching. And the trapped feeling. That you really can't be doing much you might as well plug in your headphones and read a book. Or five. Or take a nap on those ushaped pillows that aren't really comfortable anyways.

I do most of my flying alone so there is the topic of seatmates.....
But on this particular kids are on board and fascinated by everything. The tray tables. The sky mall magazine. The teeny tiny bathrooms. The beverage carts that keep running over my feet. And my son is staring out the window at the wings asking how it works. How it gets in the air and doesn't fall back down. …

pick up lines

All day I feel rushed.

Hurried. Behind.
Even after the bell. I rush to get copies. To set out supplies. To put my objectives on the board.
And out the door. To pick up my own student.

And I hurry up to wait. In a ridiculously long line that wraps around the block.
The crossing guard taps on my window to let me know that I have crossed the line.
I check my phone. my facebook. my email.
I wonder if I can grade papers. but last time I tried they just ended up all over my floorboard.

I've always felt lost on my elementary son's campuses. Like I just don't know all the rules that all these other moms have been given. PTA. carnivals. Field trips. I show up. but. I don't know many people and mostly I dont even see the point. and honestly they dont even want me. So i stop going, except when he asks.
And then I move mountains to be there.

But the pick up line I have mostly avoided on a regular basis until this year.
My husband drops off. And in the past I have picked up la…

room to grow

My son has been working on it for weeks. Wiggling, pushing his tooth back and forth with his tongue sometimes even until it bled. And I couldn’t have been more ready for it to fall out. His first top tooth fell out about a week ago, and the lone one left was hanging on by a thread. Pointing the complete wrong direction. I sent him to school day after day with this crooked snaggletooth praying it would be gone by the time I picked him up. Until finally, yesterday he pried it out and came running triumphantly to my room before 7 am, tiny tooth in hand. On a Saturday. It is hard to fake excitement before I have had coffee and he has lost enough teeth by now that the tooth fairy is ready to take on a second job just to keep up. And even without my contacts in, I could see the Grand Canyon of gaps across the top of his mouth and I suddenly couldn’t get enough of his gummy grin. It reminds me of his guy:
And I know that soon, this big empty space will be filled with 2 giant grown up teeth …