me too

I used to never question God.
It was just part of the way things were.
Just like I believed in Santa and the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny.

And eventually I grew up and started to wonder.
I always believed,
But occasionally I started to wonder if he was always good.
If he really loved me.
Singular me rather than an all inclusive version.
That he was paying attention.
That my prayers mattered.`

And I didn’t know that I should play by the rules.
That questioning these outloud things in a Bible study or Sunday School class
Will get you bumped to the top of the prayer list.
Because I know.
But sometimes I wonder.
And I didn’t need their scripture memory verses or their books or their prayers.
(but I guess prayers never hurt)
And I was just hoping for someone else to say
“me too”.

And, Jason Boyett’s book, O Me of Little Faith
Is one great big “me too”
And like most books I like he asks a whole lot more questions than he answers.
Hard ones.
Ones without real answers.
Ones that make me want to ask even more questions.
And he is funny, has an entire chapter on Dr. Sues and talks about West Texas a lot…which are all added bonuses in my world.

I will warn you.
This has been a particularly trying week for me.
And maybe reading a book on doubt didn’t help.
Maybe I should have been carrying around a copy of “chicken soup for the
________________ “ (you fill in the blank, because there is a chicken soup for everything these days).
But I think I’d rather do a little “wrestling” than waste my time with fluff.
Even if it is hard.
Even if I don’t ever get around to finding the answers.

Want my copy (which was so kindly provided by the publisher in return for my review)?
Leave a comment and I’ll have my random generator ( uhm, asking the hubs across the couch to pick a # between 1-?) on Wednesday. He might read it first….so you’ll have to wait a week or two for me to get in the mail.

And feel to check out these links:
buy your own copy on Amazon
check out Jason's website
and the other bloggers on the tour.

And you should also know that I desperately wanted to take a picture of Owen just like the cover of the book. I chased him around the front lawn with the Nikon and a box of bandaids asking him to take off his shirt and show me his muscles. I think the neighbors might have called CPS. And no, he never posed.


Pete the Brit said...

sounds like an awesome book. I'd be interested in reading it and reviewing it on my blog

Margie said...

Since I'm the second to comment, does this mean I don't get a shot at it? Sounds like my kind of book, too...

samskat said...

YES. me too....