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I have run more than my share of races. My tennis shoes have more miles on them than my parents' new car. But.  I still don’t really see myself as a runner.  I have friends who train for races by signing up for nutrition classes, printing off their run schedules and following them religiously. I think burbees and fartleks sound like intestinal distress, not something I want to do in a workout. I consider training making a really good playlist and getting out there and running until I want to throw up. pass out or both Doing that a few times a week logging as many miles as my knees will take. I carb load (read eat an entire box of girl scout cookies), drink plenty of water (read coffee) and buy expensive socks. The end.  Show up race day and try not to finish last. Or die. So far this has worked for me. Although not well enough for me to start sharing my finish times. A few months ago I had some friends sign up for a running training class. It was cheap. I had hit a wall. I figured it was …


I pick things up quickly. Usually. Well, except for conjugating French verbs, derivatives and any type of aerobic step. But, for the most part I am a quick learner. At least that is what my teachers used to write on notes they sent home. Right under the part that said I talked back. I could rush through my school homework while watching Full House, talking on the phone and listening to the radio. School came easy. Life lessons however, I mostly preferred to learn the hard way.  Sometimes over and over again.
After a particularly trying afternoon…I finally got Tess to sit down and eat. Just as I was getting her a drink I watched her tag my kitchen table with a sharpie. She was through with the T and moving on to an E. I dropped the drink and quickly wrestled the permanent marker away from her and hid in a drawer that I suddenly considered buying a lock for. She gave me a look that seemed to say, "What is the big deal already. This is art." I told her it was permanent and wouldn’t com…