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keeping in touch

I used to be really good at keeping in touch. I know the value of you snail mail. I can bang out emails in record time and I’m not sure that the ignition in my car actually turns unless I’m talking on my phone. I remembered birthdays and bought funny cards and occasionally made mix cds. But. These days. Not so much.  Maybe it all went out the window when I had kids, but I’m thinking this probably happened before that. I am really good at maintaining with people that live in my area code, but for the ones that don’t I struggle to keep up. I forget birthdays. Even in the age of facebook where it reminds you days in advance. I rarely call old friends and emails are few and far between. And facebook  is supposed to make all this easier. But mainly it is just easier to feel like I am keeping in touch. Maintaining. When I’m really not. Because I can creep their page and look at their pictures and I think I know what is going on. And if they want to know about me. They can just read my blog.

car wreck

drive in playlist

Friday night a friend invited us to the movies. And not just any movies, but she had a groupon for the drive in. So I piled yoga mats and sleeping bags into the back of my husband’s truck. She packed a dinner and we headed south to watch Gnomio and Juliet under the stars.
Me and my husband used to be big movie buffs. We saw them on opening night and would drive to weird theatres in Dallas to watch documentaries or indie films that most of our friends had never heard of. But in the last five+ years, that has waned. I still go to movies, but mostly cartoons. And I miss them. Like I miss having cable and having someone clean my house.
And I miss movie popcorn with butter or smuggling in my own candy. And I don’t have the best movie ettiquiete. I do remember to turn off my phone, but I kind of like to add my own commentary sometimes. And I have a big screaming laugh and sometimes I’m the only one laughing. But outside, in the back of the pick up, I could laugh as loud as I want…as long as we …

mulitple choice

After Spring Break my job gets really hard. The kids are really ancy for summer. The teachers are too. The seniors pretty much checked out at Christmas. Kids are always out playing in tournaments or on field trips. And when none of us want to be here and have of us aren’t, we have all these standardized tests to prep for. Important ones. Ones that determine whether kids graduate or not.

And what I hate about these tests, is that even when the kids know the content they don’t always get the right answer. Because sometimes the answers are confusing. Sometimes there is more than one decent answer. So I have to tell them to choose the “best answer” or the one that is “most right”.

And I hate that. I wish it were clearer. That it was easy to just pick C.
But. life isn’t always that clear. And sometimes we feel like we have to pick an answer just so we can fill in our bubble. And we’d all like to think that we picked the best one. That ours is the best answer or the most right and that we …


It is getting warmer. Finally. This girl needs sunshine to feel sane.
And I’ve noticed something since the weather has warmed besides the fact that it might be time to break out the lawnmower.
That I’m starting to make a lot of U-turns.

When I drive on the interstate, there are people on the corners again.
With signs or cups or sometimes nothing at all.
And I know some people think it is a dumb idea. Especially when they are standing on the corner right in front of the liquer store.
But I can’t help it, if I have cash I’m gonna give it away.
Or stop and buy them some food.
Or at least look them in the eye.

So in the last few weeks I’ve had to pull a few Uturns.
Because I know that something in my heart responds to this.
But that doesn’t mean I still don’t drive past the first time.
Or try to talk myself out of it.
Because I do.
But usually as soon as I go past I loop back around.
And meet Boomer in front of the EZmart.
Or John who asked if I could spare a burrito.
Or Dwight car…


Warning. This is gonna be a super boring play by play kind of post. You might want to skip it. Today is the last weekday of spring break and it has been a LONG one. Shaun was out of town all week. And seriously short in the adult conversation and sleep departments. Friday. Because the weekend really starts here.I’ll pretend it started at 3:15 but it might have just started a little sooner. I squeezed in a very quick happy hour with friends and rushed home to finish packing and headed south for a fast lake trip. Got in late. My parents weren’t expecting me. I wasn’t expecting them. But headed out on the dock to soak in the sound and smell of the water before climbing into bed. Saturday. A great long run. Well over an hour. Lots of cousins. A packed house. A cold boat ride. A piƱata. And a giant chocolate cake. A pretty good day. Sunday. A sucky long drive back. Lots of traffic. Lots of stops. And barely made it back in time for a friend’s shower. I hate showers. But love shower food and l…

pictures from my phone part 2

part 1.
So it is a good thing my cellular plan has unlimited texts. But an even better thing that I have unlimted pictures.
Because. I probably send as many pics as I do words to friends. When something funny happens, like my little covers herself in marker or makup or, my students do something ridiculous....I usually do what any good mom/teacher would do and repremand them. Well, right after pulling out my phone and snapping a quick picture first. Which may totally negate the whole repremanding thing...



the littlest

I was showing my kids a video from the high school I teach at and my son kept asking who people were. I knew most of them and would tell him their name and if I taught them and maybe something I knew about them.

A little bit after the video ended, he asked which one was the littlest.

Ugh. I thought.
He knows.

I pointed out a really great kid who happens to be not very big but very talented, well liked, smart and athletic and told him all the great things I could about this kid.
He nodded and went back to reading Green Eggs and Ham.
Crisis averted. I thought.

Then the next day from the back seat he was talking about kids in his class.
Justin is taller than Samuel.
But CJ is even taller. He only comes up to his hair.
And so on.
Are you taller than anyone in your class Owen?
No. Not even the girls.
I’m the littlest.

Crap. He totally knows.

My son is tiny. My dad may be over 6 feet, but I don’t think my son got any of those genes. All the asthma steroids he has taken haven’t helped thin…

ashy wednesday and fishy fridays

This is me cheating again. or recylcling. A repost of something I wrote for a Lenton devo a few years ago...but equally fitting for today and the ashes I am about to recieve.

The school cafeteria always served fish sandwiches on Fridays during Lent. I hated most things from the school cafeteria and wasn’t too fond of fish to begin with. Combine the two and it made for some hungry Friday afternoons. For the longest time I thought this was what Lent was all about. Fish on Fridays. The symbol for Christians was an icthus, or a fish. I thought it was related.

Like so many things in the Christian faith. I didn’t get it. A few years later, I thought I did. Lent meant giving something up. Giving up sodas or my watching 90210 for forty days would somehow better help me understand the sacrifice Christ made for me on the cross. If he could lay down his life, maybe I could lay off the caffeine for awhile. I never chose anything too difficult to give up. I always picked something that I would mis…

store bought


If I hang around someone long enough I start to sound like them.
I pick up words and mannerisms.
When I read good writing. I notice that my blog posts start to sound like them too.
I copy topics, ideas and sometimes even steal a little bit of their style.
It isn’t intentional.
I want to be my own person.
But let’s be honest we are all easily influenced.
For better or for worse.

But I sometimes still feel like a poser.
Or a thief.
And never coming up with anything original.

And then tonight….I listened to two really good covers.
One a friend emailed me and the other I saw posted on facebook.
And I love a good cover song.
Sometimes even better than the original.

The Fray covering Kanye’s Heartless.
Obidiah Parker’s remake of Hey Ya by Outkast.
Taylor Swift’s version of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida.
Pomplamoose’s quirky take on All the Single Ladies.
New Found Glory’s amped up version of Kiss Me stolen from Sixpence None the Richer
(just to name a few)

And what makes them so fantastic is that…

operating instructions part II

The other day I was talking to a new friend and she started to tell me something that I needed to keep quiet, and I figured I better let her know that maybe I am not the best secret keeper. Among other things. And I joked that I would just send her a list of the rules. Which made me think of this post. That is three years old. And definitely needs some updating. So I am revamping the list a little…..

First of all these aren’t really rules. I don’t like rules. I mainly just like to break them. But the premise is this…..Some people only need a few friends. I kind of need a village. I love my husband. And my kids. But I married an introvert who only has a few hundred words to go through a day and my kids still mostly like to talk about Legos and princesses. I am always friend shopping to a degree. Not for replacements, but for more. I like people. I like their stories. And let’s face it. I like to talk. And to tell mine. And to laugh. A lot. And getting to know someone new is fun. But so…