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almost a person

I feel like I have been living in a black hole the last 3 weeks. O was sick for most of it. First the flu (we all got it), then an upper resporatory thing that landed him in the ER, then another mystery fever virus. This baby finally kicked in leaving me exhausted and wretching. O was admitted to the hospital for a very very long weekend, that included me sleeping in a crib with him for part of the time. ( yes you read that correctly). O finally got better and everyone got to go back to school and just in time for TAKS. This is a huge part of my job and meant every free second at work was spent in the testing room. No going home at 3 or meeting friends for coffee, but late afternoons, working lunches and a few Saturday mornings. We are all fever free. The first round of TAKS tests have been mailed off, but the puking continues. If it weren’t for damn spring forward I would almost feel like a person today. Blogging will resume soon………