dance party part deaux

Have I mentioned that I broke up with dish network last week. Dave Ramsey is to blame. Besides my middle school boyfriend dumping me for a girl who actually needed to wear a bra...this might be the hardest break up of them all. I'd soothe myself with copious amounts of ice cream on the couch while watching made for TV movies on lifetime. Excpet we no longer get Lifetime, or the Food Network or TNT. And Dora the Explorer isn't exactly bringing me any comfort. However my Spanish is improving. Surviving without Paula Dean and the ability to watch an episode of Law and Order episode whenever I want is going to be tough. I won't even go into how I will miss House and Parenthood and Psych and even American Idol. Don't even get me started about TiVo. It changed my life. And now it is all gone.

Even though we didn't have any premium channels the bill was hitting 70$ a month. And well despite my 5 on the AP Calculus exam back in high school, simple addition and subtraction is too much for me. At least when you add up what you make and subtract what you spend. I'm pretty sure the answer isn't supposed to be negative. So goodbye Dish Network.
Goodbye gym membership.
Goodbybe pedicures and nonfat lattes.
Goodbye house phone ( and good riddence I never liked you and all your telemarketing friends anyways).

And yes, I know I am being pretty trivial. It is all meant to be in good fun. Satellite TV really isn't that big a deal when some people don't have running water or food to eat. And maybe after we start making some better spending decisions we can start giving more. And we are working on that.

And unitl the day that we wake up and realize that I'm better off without satellite and TiVo we have been busy making our own TV. Yes. More dancing. And it is funny every time. Maybe not as funny as the episode of Saturday Night Live with Betty White that I will miss tonight... but still funny. And there's always Hulu.


mommaof3 said...

AIeeee, this is a little convicting this morning........

PS-Who was your middle school bf?

samskat said...

*Guilty cringe* least I've given up lattes???

nachogy said...

Maybe you can get a plain, old TiVo. We went for over 10 yrs w/ no cable/dish until this digital conversion a yr ago when we got basic cable b/c we couldn't pick up a good signal thru our radiant barrier. If you record everything you like on the TiVo, it's much better than just live TV.