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I have the best people. I have people that save me seats at church, places at yoga and cupcakes. I have people to work out with, not work at work with, talk Netflix with and not talk at all with. I have people to drink coffee with, to drink tea with and to drink wine with. I have people to eat sushi with, pie with and lunch after church with. I have people to laugh with until my stomach hurts and people I can call when I want to cry. Usually they are the same people. I have people that have seen my in my yoga pants, my pajama pants and even a select few who have seen me in a swimsuit. I have people that I share good music with, good books with and good food with. I have people to go on adventures with and people to do absolutely nothing with. I have people I can count on — to show up, to bring coffee or to always be late. I get to live with three of my favorite humans ever (except when they are fighting or snoring). I could go on…but I think at this point I am just bragging.
I haven’…


Every February I host a Valentine’s brunch where I ask my guests to show up, eat my favorite baked goods and bring something in return for a women’s shelter: nail polish, makeup, socks, lotion, conditioner – any beauty item they choose. And not leftovers or things they do not like, but things that could make someone feel new and pretty again. It is a simple thing – emails to my friends and co-workers but it is one thing I look forward to hosting every year and almost do not mind picking up my house for. I certainly don’t mind buying 4 kinds of creamer, bacon and every kind of scone. There are no committees or sponsors or stress.It is totally unofficial, I have simply dropped off the items afterwards.People come. They bring their daughters.There is no speech or sales pitch or request for money, we just eat and laugh and our kids play outside. It has sparked conversation after conversation and it amazes me how people want to help and do things and donate but are often unsure how or whe…