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a slightly late Valentines post

Me and Shaun have always had Valentines traditions. First of all we don't make a huge deal out of the day. I love an excuse to be sappy and lately it feels like I need to schedule romantic......but we don't let Halmark steal all the glory. Our first Valentines we put a 5$ limit on our gifts and were told to be creative. For me that was writing why I loved him on the back of every StarWars valentine in the box. For Shaun it meant bouncy balls and a bag of half eaten candy. So we upped the limit and threw the creativity clause out the window. Back in Lubbock we used to always go to Orlandos on Q ( because no one goes past University) and savored the mafia queso. Here we have always gone out the night or 2 before to skip the big crowds. Plus I am impatient and can never wait that long. With O and another on the way I was looking especially forward to a special date. Then we all got the flu. No one felt like eating out or going out or being even a little bit romantic. To give Shau…

shut in

I have yet to do to a full day or work this week. Maybe tomorrow. Fridays are always good.
We have the flu. We meaning, Shaun had it last week. O got it this weekend and it hit me about Tuesday. It ran over me yesterday. I haven't checked email, done laundry or cooked dinner. Mostly I have just laid in bed and watched bad tv.
I have been through 2 boxes of kleenex, 4 bottles of gatorade and go everywhere covered in my green furry blanket. Notice I did not say any medicine.
Apparently all I can have is Tylonal. I called the dr. and said I had the flu and asked what medicines I could take. I expected a much longer list. I have done this before. I had the flu when I was pregnant with Owen, but was much further along so I had more medicinal options. I was under the impression that all Tylonal products were ok. No Nyquil but atleast I could have that fabulous Tylonal nightime cold and flu elixer medicine. Nope. I should have waited 5 more weeks to get the flu. My options were Tylonal and …

Fish Fridays

The school cafeteria always served fish sandwiches on Fridays during Lent. I hated most things from the school cafeteria and wasn't too fond of fish to begin with. Combine the two and it made for some hungry Friday afternoons. For the longest time I thought this was what Lent was all about. Fish on Fridays. The symbol for Christians was an icthus, or a fish. I thought it was related.
Like so many things in the Christian faith. I didn't get it. A few years later, I thought I did. Lent meant giving something up. Giving up sodas or my watching 90210 for 40 days would somehow better help me understand the sacrifice Christ made for me on the cross. Hey, if he could lay down his life, maybe I could lay off the caffeine for awhile. I never chose anything too difficult to give up. I always picked something that I would miss, but would be good for me anyways. Hey, I can be holy and try to lose weight too. Christ didn't really have that option. He couldn't choose bet…