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My news feed lately has been more political than usual. I get most of my news from Facebook or John Stewart so I rarely feel like I can jump in. But there is too much in the last week to ignore. Confederate flags coming down. Rainbow flags going up. And for the most part, people supporting those decisions.
Four or five summers ago I got an email from a friend in Peru who had just had her heart broken. By a girl. And I think wanted me to make it hurt just a little bit less. Sometimes I have good words. But this day, my words only made the wound so much worse. Her heart ached from rejection, but more than that. She thought that maybe this was god’s punishment. That she would never get to have her heart stitched back together because maybe something inside her was wrong. She asked me flat out if she would ever be able to get married. And the question was less about the law that banned it, but her faith that often made people avert their gaze when she took her place in the pew next to them.
It is on…

punctuated equilibrium and pizza

A few weeks ago, I sat at my kitchen table with dishes piled high in the kitchen sank and we ate pizza off of paper plates and drank from mismatched wineglasses. Our kids ran in and out of yards. Drank 23 capri suns and left them laying on coffee tables and counter tops.  While the kids weren’t looking we ate ice cream straight out of the tub. Even though it wasn’t on everyone’s diet and washed it down with cheap bubbly wine. The conversation ran the gamut. From marriage to children to parents to work. To just plain silly.
It was just after 5:30 on a Friday which is sacred time for me.  Time I am usually spent from my week and find myself in pjs way too early and scouring netflix. or redbox. or anything that doesn’t require thinking or pants.
But this was better. Our kids found a trampoline in a nearby yard and bicycles and nerf guns. And we kept talking. Trying not to look at the clock because we all had other places we were supposed to be.
We used to be just down the hall. Or share a lunch.…