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Treading Water

There is always a phase of starting over with swimming after a long winter off. My son has camp in a week and I want to make sure he can pass his swim test.
So we hit to pool.
We were in the deeper end and Owen was getting ansy. I remembered swim tests where we had tread water for a few minutes. So I tried to teach him. Thinking this was a skill that maybe he would need. You know, in case he is ever shipwrecked or takes up water polo. So I told him to move his arms and legs back and forth underwater.

And like a good teacehr, I attempted to demonstrate. But it I has been a while since I have tried to tread water, meaning I didn’t do it so gracefully.  I’m not sure there is actually a way to do it gracefully. The water wasn’t quite deep enough so I mostly just looked like was drowning. Thrashing about in shoulder deep water.
The life guard kept his eye on me, and Owen just looked at me like I was crazy. And asked,  “So which way do you go?”
“You don’t go anywhere Owen.” Very puzzled,“…

couples skate

I have a fond place in my heart for skating rink. And I mean, even before I was hot stuff in the 6th grade eating nachos with my vavuumed stacked bangs hoping someone would ask me to couple skate to some Bryan Adams.
Before that.
Way before that. More like when I was 5 or 6 and spent every Wednesday summer mornings leaving some skin on the blue rink of Pooh’s park. Running into the carpeted wall and then eventually ditching the skates and sliding down the big slide on that tiny yellow piece of foam.

Tonight Tess had an end of the year tball party at a local skating rink and I quickly paid for 2 skate rentals before I realized that Tess would have nothing to do with those ugly yellow boots with wheels. She has high standards for anything that goes on her feet.
And was perfectly happing in her sparkly pink flops watching the rest of us bust our asses.

So I got Owen some skates and used the second pair of blades for myself. And tried to push the VeteransPark roller blading debacle of …