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coffee at 8:30

Those were our plans for a girls night out. Our friends were in town from out of state.....and the boys have evenings of movies and video gaming planned we wanted a night of our own. Last year we hit pirahna and then next door for some great wall of chocolate for dessert. We were all dressed up and had a fun evening of laughing and talking and maybe even a few shots.
This year -- 2 of us were knocked up -- so the evening plans were tamed down.
I was disapointed. I like good coffee and conversation more than the average girl but.........I don't get a fun night out very often and well I had more in mind than a cup of coffee.
The evening began w/ 2 very dull and tired girls picking out a baby gift. I was already getting tired and we hadn't even made it to the coffee shop.
None of us went decaf. I think this was our downfall. Too much caffeine, no babies to tuck in and we all went wild. Or at least I did. I mentioned the posability of a tattoo and within minutes we were all packed nic…

tattoo has 2 ts...well 3 actually

Meet Eric......who was so not amused with us....and when I say us I mean me.
Steph, the pro who knows all the names of people on Miami Ink ....was nice enough to hold my hand.
Starting to get a little scared before we begin!
So different from last year's girl's night out picture ;)
The minivan that brought us here.........the guy was actually laughing when we pulled up.
The finished product. you have to image all the red puffiness as just plain white. I was going for subtle.

to jalisa

I am thankful that it is not your picture I keep seeing on the news. Don't get me wrong I am very sad for Lasharon's family. But, I don't know her. She isn't in my 7th period class. She isn't why my stomach fell after they announced that there had been a wreck and asked us to pray and that you didn't ever come back from lunch. She doesn't sit on the 4th row, 3rd chair back. But you were both in that car they found wrapped around a tree. She didn't fall asleep during the notes last week. She didn't come in for tutorials yesterday. She didn't tell me about her dreams to go to NYU and be a pediatrician. You did. And although something terrible and horrible happened to you today, soon you will be back in the 4th row. Your world isn't going to back to normal maybe ever. Your world has been turned upside down. But your world is still here. In my 7th period class. Struggling to understand protein synthesis. A chance to fulfill some of those lofty d…

reflections on advent

so did i mention i wrote a book....with some friends of course. it is an advent devotional.....i meant to mail a hard copy to a few of you.....but i avoid the post office like the plague this time of year. you are already a week behind.