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january people.

New year's day I dont think I left the couch. Hardly. Except to go to chickfila, because I don't like black eyed peas...unless they sing.
The same exact couch my daughter had puked all over the day before. I was not sick, or in a rut or even nursing a hangover.  I just wanted to rest and I don't think was quite ready to face a new year.
I eventually got dressed and took my kids to the gym so they could swim while I watched all the people upstairs running no where on the treadmills. I did not join them. My kids or the people kicking off their new year's resolutions.

Day one of 2013 and I ate waffle fries and did not work out. Instead I watched about 5 hours straight of TNT.

I figured I could do this whole new year thing tomorrow.

And suprisingly I did, minus the peas.
I got up and made a list. A long one of things I needed to do that day, that I should have been doing all week. And I managed to scratch off almost all of them.
I wiped off the counters.
I made a second cu…