The Friday playlist: Summer Reading

So, this isn't really about music at all. Feel free to skip to the end if you are only here for some good tunes.
Soon I’ll be heading to the mountains for a few weeks. Summer and vacation means one thing: books.
Lots of books.
I average about 5 a week on vacation. And 3-4 for a usual summer week.
My books need their own suitcase.
I know I should breakdown and get a Kindle to save packing space….but. I like turning pages and getting a little carsick on those winding roads.
So in preparation for my trip – I haven’t packed. I haven’t thought about how to entertain my kids on that horrid 12 hourish drive. I haven’t thought about hiking boots and fishing poles and wool socks.
But, I have spent my mother’s day $ (thanks mom and dad) on
And everyday I come home to a joyful little brown package in the mail. With a book inside that I will sneak into someone's diaper bag or tackle box so I can take them all.

School is almost out. (well for some of you it is, but I have 6 more days, not that I’m counting down or anything)….so I thought we could all use a little summer reading list.

I know that most of the books are kind of the same genre….but the rest of my family will bring plenty of good fiction for me to tear into.

Books I’ve read recently that I think you should to:
1. Sin Boldly – Cathleen Falsani. The title alone should sell you. This book is pretty and raw and will stick with you.
2.The Naked Gospel– Andrew Farley. This book will leave you with a fat lot of questions. But good questions. And it will probably piss some of you off – so be warned.
3. Looking for God: An unexpected journey through tofu, tattoos, and pronouns –Nancy Ortberg. She had me with the first chapter.
4. Little Bee – Chris Cleave. Not in the above genre. Pure fiction. And it is better if you know less about it and just discover the story and characters yourself. Compelling.
5. And some books that I've recently done reviews for that are worth reccomending again:Found Art, Love Mercy and O Me of Little Faith.

Books that just came in the mail (or are on their way):
6. Divine Nobodies – Jim Palmer. I cheated and started this one already and And I only read the first 2 introductions ( yes, I said 2 introductions).
7. Jesus in the Margins: Finding God in the Places we Ignore – Rick McKinley. Read This Beautiful Mess and it was greatness. This book looks even better.
8. Eat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading – Eugene Peterson. As in Eugene Peterson who wrote the Message.
9. Will Jesus Buy Me a Double Wide – Karen Spears Zacharius. This last sentence of the review sold me: "Stop imagining all the ways in which the universe can serve you and start figuring out how you can serve others."
10. Justice in the Burbs – Ty and Lisa Samson. I’m kind of on a justice kick. I’m a little afraid to read this book. I’ve already given up buying new clothes for a while….and am pretty sure this book will call for some kind of action.

Non-Jesus-y books I want to read if those aren't your cup of tea:
11. Half Broke Horses – Jeannette Walls ( she wrote Glass Castle, need I say more)
12. Shit My Dad Says – Justen Halpern. Looks funny and touching.
13. Every Last One - Anna Quindlen. Because I love her. Especially Truth and Beauty.
14. Imperfect Birds – Anne Lammott. Her first fiction book in a while.
15. Lit – Mary Karr. Another great memoirist. I loved The Liars Club and Cherry.
16. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Steig Larrson. Because anyone with the name Steig has to write good stuff.

Coming Soon: Books that Aren’t out yet but I wish they were:
17. Evolving in MonkeyTown: a girl who had all the answers learned to ask the questions– Rachel Held Evans ( comes out end of June). And no it isn’t about evolution or monkeys.
18. Permission to Speak Freely- Anne Jackson. Love this girl's blog.
19. Bittersweet: Celebrating the Extraordinary Nature of Everyday Life- Shauna Niequist (she wrote Cold Tangerines, and if you haven’t read that you totally should).
20. The Short Life of Bree Tanner – Stephanie Meyer. And yes, I did just throw out a Twilight book. I mean it.`

And I know that's a lot of books.....but I assure you I'm a fast reader...and could always use more suggestions. What is on your reading list this summer?
And...b/c this is a is at least one tune for you.


Margie said...

Oh. My. Gosh. A girl after my own heart. All those books! SO MANY are on my to-read list. So you liked Cherry? Never read it, but will if you recommend it. And am ready to tie into Lit and Imperfect Birds and Half-Broke Horses. Little Bee was reviewed on Diane Rehm yesterday. And I'm eager to read Rick McKinley and The Naked Gospel and, and... You get the picture. Toss a few my way when you're done, will ya? I'd be forever grateful.

AmommymousBlogger said...

I am copying these down and adding them to my list. These sound like wonderful books. Faith, justice and just a few great novels to get lost in.... you're my kind of girl. :)

onevoice said...

Thanks for the list. Love ideas for the summmer! and did I mention that Mary Karr is doing the keynote at the Mayborn Conference? Another reason why you need to go...