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I'm going to Jackson

If you happen to stop beside me at a red light you might just get lucky to catch a free show. I sing along in the car. In the shower. In class. Elevators. And occasionally even in the store when they are playing a good song. Sometimes I even dance.
This is the part where I should tell you that I do NONE of these things well. I sing off key. I come in early. I sometimes make up words when I do not know them.
My dancing could easily be mistaken for a seizure.
But in the car and  the shower and pretty much everywhere else you catch me singing along to the radio…. I think I sound decent. Not great. But ok. That is usually because my car speakers are turned up so loud that no one can hear themselves think.
Some of my friends have been trying to get us to karaoke for months now. It sounded fun and terrible to me all at the same time. Every one of my past karaoke experiences were in a packed bar with lots of drunk people who make for an easy crowd to please, plus plenty liquid courage myself and way bef…

REAL Christmas letter time

I started writing REAL Christmas letters about six years as ago. As a joke, in response to all the fake and cheesy ones people send out about how perfect their lives appeared on paper. A friend and I laughed about how refreshing it would be if people wrote real Christmas letters. Confessed to filing for bankruptcy or their kids straight C report card. A place where they shared the highs, but didn't ignore the lows. It would be way more honest and a whole lot more entertaining. Most people don't write Christmas letters any more, and the Christmas cards themselves have even started to dwindle. These days we do not save our perfect lives for yearly updates. We post them in our Facebook status and on Instagram 365 days a year. I am just as guilty. I post pics of all the fun places I go and eat, not all the nights I am in pjs before the evening news. So now every year I try to rewind, reflect and share the highs and a few honest moments as well.  So. Here it is. The year in review…