The Friday Playlist: Silver and Gold

Here is a mish mash of new songs ( at least to me ) and a few old ones that I just wanted to hear this week.

Photographs and Memories – Jason Reeves (all this memory talk on momalom has me digging this song)
Sugar Tongue – Indigo Girls (they just keep making good music. I especially like the acoustic version)
Trying to Put your Heart Back Together – Slow Runner (my only request is that this song was longer…it is so short and I want it to keep going)
Times – 10th Avenue North (could listen over and over and not get tired. And sometimes I do)
Justice – Sandra McCracken (my favorite on the list…the acoustic version is the best…but I can’t seem to find it for purchase so you’ll have to make do with the itunes version)
Fallen - Jennifer Knapp (she’s back in the game. And yes I did read the Christianity Today article, to which I reply, “So and turn it up”)

Resplendant – Bill Malonee &the Vigillantes of Love (there is a line “please excuse my crutch” that does it to me everytime.)
Edie Brickell –What I am (just wanted to hear this today)
What’s Up -4NoneBlondes (came on the radio twice this week and I cranked it up and sang so loudly)
Daughter –London Wainwright III (maybe not that old…but it’s been a while since I thought about this song. I played it over and over when I was pregnant with Tess.)
You are Everything – REM (beautiful tune)
Banditos – Refreshments (random and happy and perks me up every time I hear it)

So what are you listening to?


Stacia said...

Oh, I do love me some Refreshments! Bangkok's spitting rain and I'm going blind again and I haven't seen my girl in 15,000 miles ...

AmommymousBlogger said...

I love your playlist. There are some things I recognize and some I don't which means I get exposed to some new music to spice up my day. Thanks!

Margie said...

So, can I borrow some music, too?

michelle said...

ok time we have a book trade off..i'll try and burn you a cd too.