The Friday Playlist: The Saturday Edition

I have never felt confined by rules. Silly things like speed limits or posting Friday playlists on Friday.

Recnently a friend gave me an itunes giftcard. Because she knows that I needed some happy. And she knows that I really didn’t want to grade any papers during my conference but instead wanted to peruse the itunes store and drain my giftcard in one sitting. Because nothing makes me happy like good music and procrastinating. And doing both at the same time makes me extra happy.

Here are a few things I bought (b/c I’m really too tired to put together any other kind of list).

Small – JJ Heller. I love her and pretty much every song she puts out.

Your Love is My Drug -Ke$ha. Yes you read that properly. I mean it. I do have living room dance parties to host….and it is great to run to. And I do plan on finding my running shoes again this week.

Silver Lining- Rilo Kiley. Because I am in search of one.

Jon Foreman – Instead of a Show. He is the front man for Switchfoot….but I love all his solo stuff. This song in particular is amazing and will probably offend a few people. It's posted below, so give it a listen.

Sandra McKracken – Justice Will Roll Down. Ok I know I mentioned this one last week. But I finally purchased it. And she is worth mentioning twice.

Better - Regina Spektor. Already had the original version. But I just bought the piano version off of songs for Tibet

Gimme Sympathy – Metric. At the recommendation of my AP biology class who needed a little dissecting music.

Wishing Well – The Airborne Toxic Event. Never heard of them before a friend put them on a playlist for me . And am now their newest fan. This one is a little angry and perfect for turning up loud on the radio. Rolling the windows and driving a little bit too fast.

Loud-Matt Nathanson and Ingrid Michelson. Two artists I love singing together with great lyrics. I would have paid double for this one.

Where the Road Meets the Sun – Matthew Perryman Jones and Katie Herzig. Another killer duo.

....what was the last song you purchased?


Beth (and Eric) said...

LOVE Loud!!! Excellent lyrics. I love lyrics. A lot. I was wondering if you had given up on playlists! I don't think it matters when you write them!

samskat said...

I love this song....thanks for sharing!!!

natalie said...

Hmmm....the award I gave you on my blog does have some rules, but it's fine with me if you want to change it up. :)

Rudri said...

I love i-tunes and I have to confess I am bit of an addict. The last song I purchased was Apologies by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.