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In college I decided that I needed to do something more than drink beer, drink coffee and make out with my boyfriend now husband. That I needed to serve or volunteer somewhere. Lubbock had limited options and my skills were even more limited.I loved teenagers. I loved soccer. So I thought I’d put my loves to good use and I called up the LSA and volunteered my mad skills to coach a junior high girls soccer team. Eventually they matched me with a team. Of 4 year olds. I can not even tell you how afraid I am of more than 3 kids in my care that can not drive. Even now that I have two of my own. Thankfully the 20 year old version of my self bought a whistle and called my first team meeting anyway. The first item on my list was to pick a team name and order uniforms.  Asking four year olds for input was only the first of many of my fails as a soccer coach. I nixed the Barbies, the Unicorns and the Princesses. Instead I named them the was Lubbock after all.  I refused to …