head gear

One of my friend's little girls needs a helmet. Ok, that isn't the technical term. It is a DOC band or cranal technology or whatever.....but it is basically a helmet. It helps to reshape a skull that is no where near round. Both of our kids came out this way, and was probably due to some muscle tightness and positioning in the womb. Most kids heads get a little bent out of shape in the birth canal ( O never made it that far) or slightly flat on back before they can sit up. But turns out your skull is pretty flexible and usually rounds itself out. What can I say, my kid even came out hard-headed.

Owen wore one for four months. Four long months of doctors visits in North Dallas, physical therapy, stinky sweaty helmet head, stares, stupid questions, unwanted sympathy and a little boy who barely noticed after a few days.

Looking back....I almost forgot. It was about less than 2 years ago but feels like eons. Owen's head is mostly round again. People only stop us in the store to tell me how cute he is, not to ask about his headgear.

When I look back at pictures......I even almost think it was cute. Now.

It is funny this huge event seems like nothing, seems like something a look back to almost fondly. almost but not quite.

The whole time I do remember struggling with the temporary-ness of it. Every one wants a healthy normal kid. Sometimes I even wonder if it is ok to pray for this. Like praying for this baby that I am carrying is healthy and "normal".......somehow makes less of a kid who isn't. Like I will love her less if she has some kind of problem. A big serious one or something minor like a crooked skull.
When learning about Owen's initial treatments ....I remember sitting at the computer crying....and then feeling guilty about this. This was temporary and cosmetic ( mostly) and would pass. Other people I know have kids ( or their own ailments) with conditions that do not pass. It is more than a 4 month battle. Or a few nights in the hospital ( O's asthma).

Now, that I am looking back and rehashing all this for my friend.....I really want to remember one thing. How quickly it is we forget. How quickly things pass. How sometimes re-shaping heads ( or grown up hearts) hurts or is inconvient or causes a few stares......but that one day I will look back and it wasn't so bad after all.