ahead of the game

I can hardly believe this….but next year Owen goes to kindergarten.
As the current school year creeps by, I suddenly realize how close the next one
(and the next 18) are getting.
As a teacher myself, I wanted to make sure that I was preparing him…I mean a kid should know a few things before you send him off in the world.
So below is my list of things that maybe he should accomplish before the big day:

1. Be able to read – uhmmm not quite, although he has started to figure out some of the words I spell, like “Shaun should we go to the z-o-o?” and Owen, “I want to go to the zoo, I want to go to the zoo!) Or “Where is the last c-o-o-k-i-e?”, and Owen “in my tummy”. Really maybe we should wait to teach reading and spelling skills until like 4th grade or something.
2. Ability to tie his shoe –negative. Even I still get confused with the hole bunny in the whole story. I am a fan of Velcro. Hopefully Velcro and white slip on grandpa keds will make a come back.
3. Ability to tell time –also a no. We use time increments of Blues Clues episodes and commercial breaks. Not so much the big hand and little hand.
4. 100% potty trained. Of course. Although he does occasionally drop trou in the middle of the front yard ( we live on a street with lots of boys). I wonder how this plays at recess. Can a 5 year old be sent home for indecent exposure?
5. Can count to 20 – yep, as long as you don’t mind skipping #14 or if twelveteen is an actual number.
6. Sing songs/recite poetry. We so have this down. Well, as long as elementary school music class include classics like “we will rock you”, “brass monkey” and the well known poem “Beans Beans the Magical Fruit”.


Erin said...

He will do so good at kindergarten! I can't even begin to tell you how many little boys pee on the playground the first week of school!

Margie said...

We're at about the same place you are! (Minus the peeing in the yard, thank goodness.) Elizabeth can't quite get to 20 (around sixteen or seventeen there's a "something-teen"), and she can't spell, but will say, "I want a drink that begins with M." Shoe-tying's a negative, too. Based on this post, we're both right on track!

Andrea said...

I figure by the time my daughter actually wants to wear lace up shoes she'll have an easy time learning how to tie them :) I can't believe she's almost 5 and can't tie a shoe, but then again, she hasn't had any!

And 6 months is a long time! I'm sure you'll accomplish those other tasks you want to!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com

nachogy said...

Thanks for helping me remember how Anna learned to tie her shoes in kindergarten during naptime. LOL

All of that other stuff (besides potty training) can be learned in school... telling time, counting, reading. Don't stress about it. I'm sure he's WAY more prepared than a lot of the kids.