four letter words

I’ll be honest.
I like four letter words.
And this isn’t some cute ploy where I am going to tell you that I mean words like “love or hope or nice”. Those are all pretty words. And I like those too.
But here I am confessing that I like the bad four letter words. And if you are already offended please stop reading…because it will only get worse.

I am a mom and a teacher so I have learned to control the potty mouth most of the time.
But put a glass of wine in my hand or put me in a “socially appropriate place” like dinner with friends, a girls road trip or a soccer field and you might be surprised at the words that fall out of my mouth. You might want to have some soap handy.

They are inappropriate I know. They are crude and crass and unlady-like.
But I still get a secret thrill when they spill out of my mouth
(unless it is in anger or pain and then there is no thrill at all only shame and hurt)
Kind of like I did when I whispered them quietly in my friend’s ear on the playground when I was 7.
Because at 7 and at 31 part of me likes to be kind of bad.
Not so bad that I get in trouble but a little reckless.
Not conforming.
Just a little bit of a badass.

And I worry about this a little because a “good Christian woman/mom” shouldn’t want to be a badass.
Or use the f-word. (no, not around my kids).
It doesn't exactly show up in Proverbs 31 description.
And so I did some checking, and although there are lots and lots of verses in the bible about the kind of things that should or shouldn’t come out of our mouths ( Ephesians 4:29, 1Peter 3:10, James 3:9-12) it doesn’t come outright and list what words are ok and which ones aren’t. Because mainly it comes down to what is in our hearts and what we are doing with our words (Luke 6:45) as opposed to the actual words themselves.
I’m not saying that Jesus would ok my potty mouth. And I’d probably watch my mouth around him too. You know, since he is God and all.
But, I kind of like picturing him dropping a few himself when he overturned the tables in the temple or chewed out the Pharisees.
He is perfect and holy and loving, but he is also all of those kinds of things I felt when I was 7 and swearing on the playground: wild, nonconforming and most certainly a badass.


samskat said...

I like the bad words too. And I even feel guilty when I'm reading a book that has the bad words in it. Cause I'm pretty sure that's not what I'm supposed to be reading. Is it enough to know that they're bad, but say them anyway????

Corinne said...

I love a well used four letter word (even by a toddler... ha!)

Sarah said...

Very interesting. I like your take on this. I feel very similar.