1. Tess and her paci -- The sleeping situation still sucks...but we have been paci-free for almost a week and are now almost red blistery rash free. She better thank me for not having a red mustache scar when she is in junior high. And on a related note--toddler beds are not made for two. Snuggling up with her took me straight back to my college freshmen year with my tiny bed that pulled out from the wall.

2. The soccer update. Last night was the last indoor game in which they got creamed by an all girls team. We still have about 7 outdoor games to go but last night was a success. The trick -- not know how to read your schedule and show up thirty minutes late. Owen didn't have to get all worked up and he just hopped right in and started playing. No he didn't score any goals......but he tried hard and there were no tears. At least not until one girl reeled back and nailed him right in the face with the ball. Hard enough to stop the game and for both coaches (and mommies) to check for blood. Suprisingly, he wore the injury like a proud battle wound and made sure I told everyone how hard he got hit and how tough he was. Also medals and skittles and a pizza party with his team after the game helped him forget about his almost broken nose. On the way to the pizza party he was examining and trying to read the words on his medal ( name, team name, season and his #). From the backseat he asks,
"Mommy, does this medal say that I am AWESOME!"
"Yes Owen, it most certainly does"


Corinne said...

That pink hat? So cute!

samskat said...

Just wanted to share with you that we decided to get rid of the paci this week. Seemed like it would be best to do it while I'm at home with H....two words-THIS SUCKS.