Friday Playlist - Got you Covered

I love a good cover. And here are some of my favorites.

1. Obidiah Parker – Hey Ya (outkast) This song makes me so happy everytime I here it. I’m not sure how they managed to make outkast folky but they so pulled it off. Love it.

2.Ben Taylor – I try (macy gray). This is Ben Taylor as in James Taylor and it is so amazing.

3.John Mayer -Free Fallin (tom petty). I used to sing this song at Young Life my freshman year of high school and love it. By Tom Petty. By John Mayer. By anyone with a guitar.

4.Kendall Payne – One (U2). This is one of my favorite songs of all times and I just adore this girl… of course it is a winner J.

5.Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan -Get the Party Started (pink). Funny funny stuff that somehow works. Damien Rice could sing the back of a cereal box and I’d buy it.

6. Ryan Adams– Wonderwall ( oasis). I like his version better than the real one.

7.Across the Universe – Fiona Apple ( beatles). So pretty. Rufus Wainwright also does a killer version.

8. Blackbird – Sara McLachlan (beatles). Yes another Beatles song. I could make a list of just Beatles covers. Heck, just check out the entire I am Sam soundtrack….

9. Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus ( dépêche mode). The Man in Black can sing whatever he wants even bad 80s songs.

10. Josh Radin – Fly me to the Moon (frank sinatra). Not too shabby even if josh doesn’t have blue eyes.

Did I miss any??
just listen ...


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Thanks! Now I know some great songs to upload on my Ipod.

Thanks for the follow, too! :-)

KPHammer said...

A Case of You - Molly Venter
Zombie - Jay Brannan
Blower's Daughter - Amy Kuney
Mad World - Alex Parks
Creep - Hana Pestle
Umbrella - Marie Digby
Heaven - Brandi Carlile
Just What I Needed - Toshi Reagon
Call and Answer - Melissa Ferrick
Such Great Heights - Melissa Ferrick

and there are more where that came from... :)