Holy Week: Wednesday and 12 grand.

What would you be willing to do for $12, 254?

Just recently I offered my relatives the chance to pie me in the face for 20$ ( I never got my 20$ by the way).
But 12 grand is a lot of money and I’d be willing to do a lot of stupid things for 12 grand.
I mean 12 grand would make my house payments for the good part of a year.
It finance a much needed kitchen re-model.
It would pay off the rest of my car and then still have enough left over to go shopping with.
I could go to Starbucks every single day and buy a latte for over 8 years.
It would allow me to have a maid come every week and a lawn service with enough left over for lots of meals out.
It would pay my childcare bill for the year.
I could take my family to Hawaii and Disney World.

I could even do a lot of good with that much money.
I could support 28 Compassion children for a year.
I could buy 25 cows on Heiffer International.
I could build 27 wells through the water project

So I’d be willing to submit myself to lots of hard work or silly things for 12 grand.
Like getting pied in the face 600 times.
I’d eat nothing but Spam for a month.
I’d publish my 6th grade journal on line. And trust me. That is some embarrassing stuff.
I’d be willing to let my kids dress me everyday.
I’d even shave off both my eyebrows.
I’d legally change my middle name to Buttercup or Cheesehead.
I’d even give you my dog. As long as you promised to be nice to her.

But I do draw the line somewhere.
I would never let anyone even think about harming one of my children.
I don’t take clothes off ( and trust me…you don’t want me to).
I wouldn’t cheat on my spouse.

So I’m wondering what kind of crazy things you’d be willing to do for $12,254?
And ask yourself where you draw the line.

Would you betray your savior and your friend?
Because Judas did. For about that much ( in today’s $, at least according to this website). And most other websites list the conversion at much much less. Either way, it was not worth it.

And now Friday is immanent. Matthew 26: 14-16
And from then on Judas watched for an opportunity to hand him over.
All for a crummy 30 pieces of silver.


mommaof3 said...

Hmmmm........yeah, I guess I'd shave my eyebrows.