Biology Books and the Bible (and no...this is not an evolution post)

My AP class is kicking my rear.
The readings, the notes, the labs, the tests and the late nights.

Did I mention that I am the teacher?

And I know this material.
I’ve taken the class. I’ve been to summer workshops. I’ve racked up hours and hours of college and graduate credit in the subject.
But it is so easy to forget.
And on those mornings when I don’t really prepare.
They can tell.
The smart kids sitting their with their pens out waiting for me to fill them in on the steps of the Krebs cycle or the enzymes responsible for DNA translation or (their favorite) the ins and outs of the reproductive system (and yes, bad bad pun intended).

But on those bad mornings. I stumble through. I mispronounce. I skip important details or I try to pass off someone else’s power points as my own.
And power points are like some kind of magic sleepy potion. And they try to stay awake and I try my best to remember all the important parts.

But last night instead of watching TV I spent a few hours with my Biology book.
The same exact one I read in high school.
Cover to Cover. (well ok, maybe I did skip over a few parts).
And college.
And graduate school.
Because even though I have read it before. Even though I already passed the test…..I have grown a little rusty.

And this morning I killed it. I nailed all the enzymes and steps and diagrams.
We tore through the notes. We all stayed awake. I had good examples and analogies and activities. We even finished a few minutes early. I answered questions with ease. And didn’t feel like such a poser up there.

And it got me thinking about a slightly more important book.
One that I have also read cover to cover.
In high school and in college and a few times after.
But these days am more likely to skim.
Or let collect dust.
And I am getting so rusty.
So it seems, that this teacher has a little homework of her own.
(and I'm not talking about the Krebs cycle)
Becuase it turns out I can learn a lot more about life without a textbook.
But from a worn and tog eared brown leather book instead.
And the important parts are already highlighted in red.


mommaof3 said...

Yesterday and today I had amazing quiet times, digging through the Word. And thus far have had two fabulous days in a row, mood wise.

I don't believe in coincidences.