Friday Playlist - takes you back

Last night I went to a concert that took me back a decade. In the best kind of way (so great in fact that it will get it’s own blog post) in honor of Jennifer Knapp’s comeback here are 10 songs that take me back.

1. Lay it Down – Jennifer Knapp. Lubbock and the loop and college couches.
2. True Blue – Madonna. Curt Loder. MTV. And bad bangs. I think I was only 10 or so but this was my discovery of music.
3. The Piano Man– Billy Joel. Riding in the car with my mom singing along. Billy Joel and Patty Lovelace was the only music we could agree on.
4. Everything I do- I do it for you. Bryan Adams – every junior high Methodist and Briarcrest dance I ever went to ( and all you BCS people out there got my reference). My favorite part about this song is the extra long pause at the end where you think it is over but it isn’t which makes for some awkward slow dancing moments.
5. All For You – Sister Hazel. Mo Ranch. If I start gushing about this place I’m not sure that I’ll stop. But sweaty summers floating the river, walking across the catwalk, loving and being loved by a Loma Linda lodge full of girls. I can here the screen door slam right now.
6. Wide Open Spaces – Dixie Chicks. My college apartment with this cranked up. Lubbock was my wide open space and this album was me and my room mate’s version of Meredith Grey and Christina “dancing it out”.
7. Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio. The Bryan High parking lot 1996. I swear this was blaring out of at least one person’s car every single day as I got out of school. (and yes, occasionally even mine).
8. Cool Rider – Grease Soundtrack. I’m not sure which is more embarrassing this one or the one above it…but this takes me back to highschool hallways and cars and Grease marathons and chips and guac with some of my bestest friends.
9. Jock Jams (volume I) with classics like “Whoop there it is”, “Gonna Make you Sweat” and “It takes Two”. And I am immediately back on a yellow dog on my way to a soccer game or tennis tournament because there is nothing like listening to crappy music on your giant cd player that skips everytime you hit a bump to pump you up for a big game.
10. Shadowboxer – Fiona Apple. Making out on a bad Goodwill couch in a stinky boy apartment with my future husband.


Alyssa said...

I love the memories that go with your song choices. Isn't it amazing how certain melodies and lyrics can transport us from the present back to a certain place with a certain person (or group of friends)?!