rough waters

This morning we went for a little raft ride.
It was cool in the morning and the river was cold and smooth.
The ride was easy and the scenery amazing.
We floated along and occasionally paddled our rafts at a leisurely pace.
And stopped for a picnic lunch.
At a few points the water had a few ripples and we may have gotten a splash or two.
But mostly it was an easy ride with a few splashes here or there.

And after lunch we sent the kids and grandparents packing and the brave few stayed.
For bumpier waters.
And we tightened up our life vests and paddled harder and faster through some white waters.
Things with names like “The Maze”, “The Narrows” ,“The Toilet Bowl” and “Sal’s hole”.
We went right back and left forward and held on tight.
We may have even gotten stuck on a rock once.
At the last rapid we watched other boats tip and sway and even dump out an unsuspecting passenger.
Whenever we made it over a particularly tough spot we would all cheer and do a paddle high five.

A few miles down the river my shoulders were aching, my pants were soaked and my knees sunburned.
We were all tired, hungry, wet and sore.
But we all had a good time.
We all commented on the morning stretch. That it had been nice for everyone to float for a bit, but really it was kind boring.

The afternoon had been more treacherous. Harder work, riskier and messier.
And much more fun.
Smooth is nice and calm and easy.
But sometimes you have to be willing to go down the rougher path.

This post was another installment for creativity bootcamp which is sadly winding down...
today's random word prompt: smooth

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Corinne said...

What an adventure :)
Sounds like you guys are having fun, even with the occasional rough ride ;)

Rudri said...

Wow, that really looks fun. Although I think the waters would make me a little sick.