The Friday Playlist: Summer Time

School is ALMOST out. It is so close I can taste the snow cones and lake water now.
To give me a bit of a head start here are some of my favorite summer tunes.
For those of you sick of my ususal folky songs...this has a little better mix.

1. Down at the Harbor - Cross Canadian Ragweed. A lake tune and I think a cover, but it makes me want to head down to the lake every time I hear it.
2. Summer Skin – Deathcab for Cuite. Perfect.
3. Long Hot Summer Days -Sara Watkins. The girl from NickelCreek.
4. Daylight – Matt and Kim. For those long long summer days. This is a new band to me and I love it.
5. Mystery – Indigo Girls. Ok, I could list lots of indigo girls songs here because they = summer and camp and driving around. This one is one of my favorites though.
6. Spill the Wine – War. If you don’t know this song, it is old. And great. Makes me want to just go lay down in a field.
7. Steal My sunshine – Len. A few summers ago and kind of cheesy but makes me smile.
8. Amber – 311. Makes me want to put on some sunscreen and find a beach.
9. Coconut Skins – Damien Rice. Again, with the beach and maybe a fruity drink with an umbrella at it.
10. The Kooks – Seaside. More beach, and I love the Kooks.
11. It Don’t Matter – Donnavon Frankenreiter. Think Jack Johnson. And no stress.
12. Summer Nights – Olivia Newton John and John Travolta …sorry, I can’t help it.
I owned both Grease Soundtracks in high school.


Dawn said...

I need to borrow your iPod sometime. I have never heard of most of these songs or artists!

Stacia said...

Oh, the Grease soundtracks! And it's lovely to know someone who admits to owning the Grease 2 soundtrack. He's a coo-ooo-ooo-oool rider ... =>