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First are some pics from O's birthday party last night. The theme was super silly cinqo and it was crazy! There were water balloons, silly string, pie in the face and even some slime. I think everyone had a good time and went home dirty.

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Next, about the nose ring...well some of you asked for here it is. And I told you it was tiny. And I had no idea that my nose was that bumpy!

I'll even throw in a video just for laughs. And trust me you will laugh. Keep in mind a few things. First, I had no idea this video was being taken! Second, i watched several on you tube before I went and they all bled. Alot. So I kept expecting blood to pour out of my nose and it never did, which would be why I look like I am going to throw up on more than one occasion. I make some great faces and am sure I'll be too embarassed to keep this up for long so watch and laugh while you can and thank Vaness for sneakily recording it on her phone ( I just thought she was taking a picture!) Also note that maybe I haven't showered in a few days which would explain the greasy hair. And why does it look like I am in a dental office or aquarium rather than a tattoo parlor!
And last but not least....usually I do a Friday playlist and even with Creativity Bootcamp kicking my rear I'd hate to dissapoint.
Months ago, my friend Tina asked me to do a kid version ... but I hesitated because well...not all of the songs are exactly "kid appropriate" and I know better....but promise we turn it down for the questionalbe. Since it was Owen's birthday here are a few of his favorites.

1. Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys. And likes to sing it at inoppertune times.
2. Hot for Teacher - Van Halen. I am a teacher and this disturbs me a bit. O just likes all the drumming. And I blame the hubs for this and most of his musical choices.
3. The Family Song - Laurie Berkner Band. This song means we have to stop whatever we are doing and dance. And shows you that we listen to some kid music after all.
4. The Imperial March from Star Wars - John Williams. He can hum this one. Again. I blame the hubs. My kid is brainwashed already.
5. Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag - LL Cool J. Not sure?
6. Can you Kick it - A Tribe Called Quest
7. BulletProof - La Reaux. Actually I'm not really sure that this belongs on the list, but he did ask me to turn it up this morning. And I kind of like the song and wanted to put something on here that Shaun didn't influence.
8. Big House - Audio Adrenaline. I loved that he loved this song. Until he wanted to sing it a bizillion times last year after VBS. There is only so much big big house a girl can take.
9. We will Rock You - Queen. Maybe his favorite.
10. Bare Necessities from the Jungle Boook. again proof that he listens to at least some kid music. And actually he likes any song from the jumgle book :) or even the in the jungle song which isn't in the jungle book at all.


Rudri said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Love the google fun glasses. Happy Birthday to O!

Stacia said...

The nose ring looks great! And on the video, you look CALM! I'd have to scream a couple of times, I think. =>

Also, Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy!

mommaof3 said...

My son totally tried to tell me he and his bud made up "We Will Rock You" on the playground one day. He had me and the mister sit down while he got up on the fire place to perform for us. He started singing and when we joined in he looked all injured. Ha!