My phone kept dinging with birthday wishes.
Way too early in an unfamiliar bed and timezone.
It had been a long night spent mostly with a toddler kicking me in the face and another fighting for covers.

But I could smell the coffee brewing downstairs.
Full-bodied and inviting along with muffled conversations
That eventually pulled me out of bed.
Out of this.

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And I went downstairs and poured myself a cup.

And headed out onto the deck to soak in
Some of this.

Both the coffee and the view were worth the early rising

Another post for day-i've-lost-count creativity boot camp. Today's random word prompt: full-bodied. I struggled with this a bit. because i didn't want to do the obvious. I used it as an excuse to try and schedule a full body massage but didn't have any luck, i could have talked about my fuller than necessary hips....but i refuse to post pictures of you are left with the coffee (and my amazing view).
boot camp


Corinne said...

What a lovely spot to be full bodied :)

AmommymousBlogger said...

I'm a relatively new follower of yours and also am just catching up on my reader after being away for a couple of weeks... so maybe this is obvious to your regular readers, but are you on vacation? Your view is AMAZING. I am so jealous. And also, I love your "full-bodied" bed photo. :) How do you get any sleep?!

Rudri said...

I love the coffee cup and I would take that view any day. What an inspiration.