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Some mornings my son wakes up and I swear he is bigger than I left him from the night before.
His doorframe is filled with sharpie marks.
And even though he is tiny for his age, he is always bigger every time he stands flat footed at the door while I make my mark.
Marks that are slowly creeping up the post.

And just a few hours ago he blew out five candles on his birthday cake.
And five feels like forty.
Because I don’t remember what it was like before he got here.

And I love that I get to watch him grow.
But lately it has seemed a little too fast.

Everyday he needs me less and less.
Which is the point of course.
To raise an independent man who hopefully will love God and love others.

But for now,
I’d kind of like the sharpie marks to stay put for just a little while.

(So I know this prompt and this day deserves a much better post, but I just ran off 20ish 5 year olds who wore me out with water balloons and silly string and slime. I'm exhausted. And this is all I've got. This post is part of creativity boot camp and today's random word prompt is growth. Which was pretty appropriate for my guy's birthday)
boot camp
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lemontine said...

I hear ya! I had such a busy day - and my post after creating the actual project was too much.

Nice job!

Corinne said...

Look at that yummy cake!!!
And I think this was perfect, don't sell it short. There's such a bittersweetness about this whole watching children grow thing. It's painful, and so heartwarming at the same time.

flaagirl said...

I think that was a lovely post. I always struggle with the joys of seeing Jackson grow mixed with the sadness of letting go of "the little." I know we are supposed to raise independent adults...but I think we also have to relish the dependence as well.