It was ominously gray ahead.
It started with just light drizzle on my windshield.
But soon big heavy drops were falling.
Harder and faster.
Until my wipers were working over time.
On this one lane mountain winding mountain road.
That maneuvering if fair weather is enough to make me nervous.
But ahead the skies were blue and sun cut across the peaks.
I held my hands firmly at ten and two.
And kept my eyes on the road.
And drove towards the sunshine.

So I've skipped a few days, but I am participating in Creativity Bootcamp and today's random word prompt is: drizzle.
boot camp
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Corinne said...

Those moments, keeping an eye on sunshine, lovely...

Corinne said...
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onevoice said...

my eye fell on this shot among the many...and then it was you :) love that

Stacia said...

How many times have I gripped the wheel and driven through the rain, keeping my eyes on the clear skies ahead? This really resonates with me.