metal head:creative bootcamp day4

Last night I added a few grams of surgical steel to my body.
Via the nose.

And I know nose rings are pretty common.
Like the naval rings everyone had back in highschool (yes I had one of those too, one that I even tried to pierce myself with a safety pin, which for the record, does not work).
But not too many of my friends have them.

Only the really cool ones.

And I am not cool in any way shape or form.
Next week I turn 32.
I have 2 little ones.
I live in the suburbs.
Am about 30 lbs overweight
And do most of my shopping at Target, and I am not referring to groceries here.
I love to be in bed by 10 pm (or before).
I can’t tell you the last movie I saw in a theatre that didn’t involve talking animals.
I have a house, a dog, 2 kids and a 2 car garage.
I don’t drive a minivan, but have started to occasionally envy people who do.
All that space.
All those cupholders.
Built in booster seats
And the magical way the doors open and shut with just the tiniest click of a button.

And no,
Nose rings are not in dress code ( I teach high school).
But it is summer
And I figure why not.
It is just a little tiny hole.
(that they happen to make with a very large needle).
And I need to feel a little younger.
A little cooler.
A little more alive.

I’m not totally sure I can pull it off.
But I don’t really look good in capris either and I still occasionally wear those.
And am pretty sure that my parents will say a few choice words when they see it.
And that maybe my in-laws will have me added to the prayer list in their little North Texas down.
But pissing off my parents,
Even at 32 still kind of only adds to the fun.

And I don’t know if I’ll keep it.
Or if it will just be for the summer.
But for now it is kind of fun.

Or it was until Tess ripped it out at 5:15 am.
Or when Owen put his head out the window in the carpool line at camp and screamed
“my mom has an earring in her nose” to all the counselors, campers and other minivan driving moms who were not impressed.
To which I turned red, rolled up my window and got out of there as fast as I could.

Cool or boring.
I’m still me.
I’ll just be adding a little metal to my wardrobe for the next few months.
Who knows, maybe longer.

(and if you look closely at the pictures you will note that I wasn't too cool to shed a tear for the actual piercing!)

(This post is part of creativity boot camp. Today's random word prompt: heavy metal)
boot camp


Anonymous said...

Good for you!!

Corinne said...

Yay for you! I keep saying I'm going to get one when I turn 30. In a year... and that's pretty soon... but I really really want one. I've always wanted one, but haven't had the guts to do it.
I might ride on your coat tails...
(but I'm still going to wait a year just because of the ripping out factor, Paige is still too little... OUCH!)

Hyacynth said...

Nice!! Rock that nose ring. Now THAT is heavy metal.

onevoice said...

oh no you didn't! It takes something really funny to make me laugh this late, but I was laughing while reading your post. I could picture it all! back page column - you could do it, girl...I'm just sayin'....

Robin said...

Cool, schmool... if you like it, you like it! (and personally I love the look on your face in the first photo ... )

Dawn said...

A little sad you didn't call me to go with you! :o) We'll never know now if I would have gotten one too.

Stacia said...

Love this! I've always wanted one, too, but my husband says no, no, no (and he is not one to put the kibosh on much of anything). How badly did it hurt? And you've got to post a ta-da picture showing off your new hardware! =>

Kim Mailhot said...

Love it ! Hey, we have just this one life to live. Let's do it our way !
Nice job, Camper !

Faith said...

good for you! I got one last year. I felt the same way - a little younger. like it was confirmation that I AM WOMAN and not just mommy, and I am beautiful and not as run down and neglected as I sometimes feel. :) Good for you.
Hope yours heals quickly!