I think occasionally that my kids are allergic to totally normal things.
Like me talking on the phone.
Because they can be just fine and content sitting in the backseat…
Until I try to call a friend,
And then sudden screams burst forth from the back seat.

Owen likes to tell people that he is allergic to chocolate.
Which he is not.
But apparently he doesn’t like it, so he says he is allergic.
Which is just crazy. ( the not-liking chocolate part).

They are also allergic to clean shirts which can only be remedied by staining them before leaving the house.
Owen is allergic to shoes and socks (stripped the second we get in a house …anyone’s house) and Tess has the opposite allergy. She must wear shoes at all times (anybodie's shoes). She throws fits when we take them off for bed.
And they are surely allergic to waiting in any kind of line (more screaming…which occasionally comes in handy when people gladly let us ahead of them at Target).
My music ( Shaun has brain washed them and they only like Flogging Molly, Van Halen and LL Cool J).
And any TV show that I am trying to watch ( more screaming….it took me about 3 days to get through last week’s episode of Parenthood)

And Tess’s newest allergy.
Having her picture taken in all the pretty Texas wildflowers.
Ok, maybe she really is allergic to flowers…or at least I am…but instead of the usual snotty symptoms she screams and cries and gives dirty dirty looks to whoever is behind the camera.

...and thanks to my friend Rhonda who somehow managed to get an almost smile.

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Anonymous said...

WOW our kids share some of the same "allergies"! Good news is they grow out of them. Bad news is they aquire new ones! LOL! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Adorable picture!!!

Corinne said...

That last picture is wonderful! You two are just adorable.
(and I want to get to Texas mostly for the gorgeous spring flowers ;))
And yes, allergies and kids go hand in hand. Fynn is allergic to his bed, and dinner time. Not the food, but the 10 minutes it takes to have dinner. Paige is definitely allergic to sleep and growing hair ;)

michelle said... can come stay with us and see all the flowers you want...if we can stay with you and get some beach time! we don't exactly have a guest bedroom....but that is just a minor detail :)