skin on

Sometimes you need a little more than facebook love.
Or even double digit comments.
Sometimes you need real live friends.
The kind with skin that you can touch.

So today I did a brave thing.
And I so won’t be posting this today
Or any time soon
Because I’m not that brave.
So I’ll hold on to this post awhile.
Until it is funny.

But this morning I walked downstairs and asked someone to go get coffee with me.
That was my very brave thing.

And here is why.
Because me and the girl aren’t really friends yet.
We have worked together for awhile.
But it is a big building and I could go weeks without seeing her.
And we are facebook friends and occasionally comment to the other.
But I really don’t think that counts.
But she reads my blog.
And likes it.
And comments.
And because of I can tell we like some of the same things ( like Jen Lancaster and Jesus)…I thought maybe we should try and be real life friends instead of just virtual ones.
Seeing how, we work in the same building and all.

But somehow it was way easier on the playground to make friends.
In elementary school friends were just there.
In the desk next to you or right next door.
In high school there was a little more choice involved…but it was pretty easy to bond over a cute boy that you both liked.
And in college.
Still pretty easy.
Friends filled the dorms and classes.
And somehow I thought that making friends would keep being that easy.
But it has only gotten harder.
I mean I may be a little more secure than I was back in the sixth grade.
But I think we all still worry and wonder if people will like us.

And this isn’t some sad lonely I don’t have any friends post.
I do. I have great ones.
And I could always use a new one.
Because I love learning people’s stories.
Because each friend. Real or virtual adds a little bit to mine.

And this virtual bloggy world is pretty amazing.
I mean sometimes it is even easier.
A stranger who reads my blog could possibly know me better than friends I see all the time.
And sometimes I think I might just be better on paper.
All edited and polished and picked and chosen.
Without interruptions or small talk.
And it is a little easier to go a little deeper on here.
Because I don’t have to look you in the eye or hear you if you laugh at me.
But you can’t go get coffee with me.
Or share fondue.
Or chips and salsa.
Or pretty much anything else that has to do with food and laughing a lot.

So sometimes we need to stop reading or blogging up updating your status.
And occasionally even stop calling the usual girls…..
And walk down the hall…or the street…or across the playground…or pick up the phone.
Be brave.
And ask her to go get some coffee. Or ice cream. Or chickfila.
Or pretty much anything that has to do with food and laughing a lot.


samskat said...

So? How was coffee? And I haven't seen you in more years than I care to count, and I still think you're better in person. (And, amazingly, I can still see my buddy Mich from summer camp in your blogs/FB posts!!)

Corinne said...

"A stranger who reads my blog could possibly know me better than friends I see all the time." this gets me all the time, and it's happening more and more. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing...
Hope your coffee date went well! I agree, the older we get, the harder it is to make friends. Wish you were my neighbor ;)

Beth (and Eric) said...

Oops. I commented on the wrong post... I hear ya. That's all!