& other lies I tell myslef

That cheetos and gogurt counts as a healthy dinner for my kids.
That my jeans shrunk in the dryer. A lot.
That you can’t really tell that I didn’t shave past my ankles in these pants.
That no one will think less of me when I show up to a kids birthday party with the present wrapped in paper bags and duct tape.
That I can hit snooze one more time and still get to work on time.
That I have the time and money to stop and get coffee on the way to work.
That I will actually grade all those papers I brought home with me.
That no one will notice that I am wearing one St. Patricks day sock and one Easter bunny sock. (so got busted on that one).
That I will be able to take a nap when I get home.
That no one notices that I don’t really edit my blog.
That my sons pants still fit ( at least most 4 year olds don’t know what highwaters are).
That 31 is still young and hip.
That if I put on fancy earrings and mascara no one will notice that I didn't wash my hair.
That nachos with extra jalapenos are a good idea.
That just because my kids are mysteriously quiet that they aren’t coloring on the walls.
That non-washable crayon will actually come off of the wall if I just scrub long enough.
Those jeans. The ones in the back of my closet will one day fit again.
That I will remember that thing I told myself not to forget.
That it is ok to wear white shoes before Easter.
That my daughter needs another cute dress.
That the expiration date on the milk is more of a suggestion than a hard fast rule.
That food doesn’t really get that dirty when dropped on the floor.
That I will eventually find all those lost earrings and socks and should absolutely not throw away it’s missing pair.
That my husband doesn’t mind hanging up all the clothes.
And while we are on the topic of clothes (yes again), that the pair of jeans I just pulled on ( the ones that shrunk in the dryer) are on the floor somewhat near the laundry basket and therefore must be clean.

Ok, so those things are a bit silly. And I know most of them aren’t true. ( well except the one about my jeans shrinking in the dryer). They are just things I tell myself to make myself feel better or make it through the day. They aren’t all positive or at all seated in reality….but most of them are harmless. Maybe you have even told yourself a few.

But there are some bigger lies. Yes, they are lies. That we know really aren’t true. But we sometimes think them. And live like they are. And those are much more devastating.

Like,God is disappointed in me.
God can’t hear me.
I can’t hear God. Or
I need to be good so that God will love me.

Those lies can do some serious damage. And they are things that I don’t say out loud and would never publicly agree with. But sometimes creep their way in.
Because lies and deception are sneaky like that.

And if you haven’t caught on yet, this post is really a book tour for Susanna Foth Aughtmon’s new book My Bangs Look Good & Other Lies I Tell Myself where she faces all those lies and about 20 more head on. So we don’t fall for them. ( as well as sharing her great bang-tastrophe of 2008 which is almost funny enough in itself to merit reading the book). And I found myself laughing and relating and I felt a bit exposed. Which is how you feel when you uncover a big ugly lie and replace it with truth.

Want to know more about the book and the author?
The book is out an available bookstore from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group or you can buy it here . Check out Susanna's blog.
Or you can comment below with one of your own lies and win my copy. I'll pick the winner at random on Wednesday.


nachogy said...

That more things will create more happiness.

Dawn said...

That I can eat whatever I want (and not exercise) because I'm nursing Jax and am burning lots of calories by just doing that!

Mommafo said...

Oooh wow. Nice review, definitely grabbed me, kept me reading, and made me want to read the book. You should write books! lol

Hi from the UBP10. :)

leanne said...

What a fun blog! Loved the list.

Funny, I can relate to so many of them:)

Beth (and Eric) said...

Oh Michelle, I tell myself all of those "lies" ALL the time! Really, you are not alone in that.

I hear ya about flesh friends. Thanks for trying to come see me before Tess got sick! That made me happy. :)

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I might have to link up to this post. On Fridays I share some of my favorite blog finds for the week.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

michelle said...

random # generator (aka my kid who can count to 12, picks #5). I'll get this book to you ASAP beth...and hopefully in person.

Linzi said...

I was reading this post to my mom and she stopped me and asked, "Did you write this?"
LOL, she was convinced I had when we read "That if I put on fancy earrings and mascara no one will notice that I didn't wash my hair."
Thank you for the reminder and encouragement today. I so often let all the lies beat me up so much until there is nothing left for the people in my life that love me.
I will need to check out this book :)