plop plop fizz fizz

Last night (or early this morning) my chest started burning.
I could literally feel the acid seeping up my esophagus.
After multiple failed attempts to go back to sleep I finally got up and fumbled around for some antacids before eventually finding slumber.

This isn’t normal.
But I know exactly what it means…
Besides the fact that maybe I should have skipped the spicy wings at the movie last night.
But that it is time to slow down.

And rest.
And stay in.
And pick up dinner.
To give completion grades.
To maybe skip a party ( we have 4 in an 8 day time frame…plus 3 Easter parties).
To run later.
To hit snooze one more time.

Lately I haven’t been firing on all 4 cylinders.
I’ve been showing up to the wrong places on the wrong days and at the wrong times.
My husband is losing patience with this not-so-there version of me.

And yes. Plugging all the appointments and practices and parties into my iphone might help. I’m not really a planner kind of girl. I’m just used to remembering things. And I’m used to being able to get it all done. To make the soccer game and birthday party and mow the grass all in a single afternoon. And still squeeze in a blog post and a cup of coffee with a friend and maybe even a load of laundry.
But getting it all done is giving me heartburn. And next I’ll be back at the gastrologist.
So from here on out.
I’m going to be content just getting part of it done.

And I give you permission too.
So here’s to a week of rest.
pb&j for dinner.
Missed practices.
unfinished lists.
Unmowed lawns.
Messy houses.
And throwing out the antacids.


mommaof3 said...

I, too, am used to remembering things. I am not a planner. But I have found that with each additional child my capacity to keep details in my brain has diminished ;)

Good luck to you and your unfinished lists :)

Dawn said...

I'm still convinced that Jax has my brain. You can blame me for one of the showing up on the wrong day events! It was fun though and we have some hilarious pics of children rolling on the ground together!

I like your new format!

michelle said...

dawn...i just wish that the egg hunt was the only thing I got wrong. you do remember the great JBF debacle...where I showed up at the wrong time, in the wrong place WITH A CRIB ...and when I finally got it right..I still forgot to put a price on the crib. Ughh.

samskat said...

it seems that i lost my brain too...somewhere around my 2nd trimester...which was 2 1/2 years ago....oh well...

Corinne said...

I am ALL for that kind of a week.
I finally had to break down and make use of my calendar, I used to be SO good at keeping it all in my head. Not any more...