The Friday Playlist: Shuffle

I am cheating this week because Tess has had croup and strep and I have had very little sleep. I'm behind and tired and the last thing I need to be doing is playing on instead I just put my ipod on shuffle and promise the type in the first 20 songs that come up (a double dose since I skipped last week and all).

1. When Your Minds Made Up: Glen Hanssard& and Markete Irglova. This is from the movie Once which is so so good. (as is the song, starting to think this might not be as embarrassing as I was afraid it might be).

NEW RULE: I will skip songs that are my husbands...b/c I really have no commentary for the Wombats or every Flogging Molly song ever written.

2. The Proffesor (Live): Damien Rice. Warning Explicit Lyrics which maybe those of you who haven't seen this fella in concert didn't see coming. He is not sleepy in real life. He rocks out and has a potty mouth. This song even has parts in French. No idea what it is saying....but it is probably bad too.

3. The Rockafeller Skank:Fatboy Slim. Glad you all enjoyed your trip back to 1998. Not a bad work out song...and the Praise You video was genius!

4.Anna Begins: Counting Crows. I love Counting Crows. I want to put some on and drive around in my car right now. Maybe my cranky sick child will even fall asleep if I do.

5.Make You Feel My Love (Live): Adelle. This girl has the most amazing voice ...and I love this song...but can't help but hear Garth Brooks in my head while she sings it.

6.Infinity: Merrick. so pretty.

7. Last Christmas: Jimmy Eat World. Proof that I am not cheating. ok, maybe I should clean off the Christmas songs....but I love this one. If it comes on ...even if August...I usually don't skip through it.

8. We Will Rock You: Queen. ok this is really one of Shaun's songs. and a song that Owen knows almost every word to....and frequently requests.

9. Wild Horse: Sundays. love this cover.

10. Love’s Recovery: Indigo Girls. possibly my most favorite Indigo Girls song of all times....and there are so many to choose from.

11.Save You: Matthew Perryman Jones. Saw this guy once 10 years ago in Lubbock and he was amazingly intense. This is some newer stuff and still good.

12. Never Again: Kelly Clarkson. More proof that I am not cheating. Don't hate on the original American Idol who happens to live almost in my town.

13. Get Him Back: Fiona Apple. Not one of my favorites from her...

14.Where is My Mind: Pixes. Also one of Shaun's but one that I actually like and crank up. Also exactly what I have been wondering for the last few weeks.

15.The Story: Brandi Carlile. Love to sing along with the kind of screamy part of this song...and speaking of of my favorite people on the planet just mailed me a mix cd with her live version of Before it Breaks which is greatness.

16.Free: Gavin DeGraw. Please forgive my One Tree Hill phase. But I still kind of like this song even though it is a little sleepy ( yes even for me)

17. All This Beauty - Weepies. One of my most favoritest duos. ever. (stick with the first album though)

18. Faith My Eyes: Caedmon's Call. A little old school but still great.

19.In the Sun: Micheal Stipe and Chris Martin. Don't know how this song hasn't made a playlist before. Go listen to it right NOW!

20. Lullaby: Dixie Chicks. Such a pretty song. (confession -the real #20 was Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne...but we just couldn't end on that sad note).

....looking for some new theme ideas....taking requests.


Wheezer said...

That is Wild Horses My wife doesn't believe in spelling either.

Trivia - Who originally wrote the song and who actually released it first.

Rolling Stones wrote it, but The Flying Burrito Brothers recorded it first. Save that for those dinner parties.

mommaof3 said...

My son told us to sit on the couch, he had a song to sing us.

He started singing We Will Rock You.

I asked him where he heard that song. He said he and Gavin made it up on the playground. I asked him if they were also known as Queen. He was offended ;)