For the last few weeks in class I have been teaching about circles.
No, I don't teach math.....but physics.....which I guess is close enough.
We have spent the last few weeks on centripetal force and torque and the likes. My head has been spinning on pretty much a million other subjects.

Today, I met my friend Beth at Panera.
And we ordered coffee and we talked about friendships and careers and babies and fiber and loss and secrets and sex and coffee and music and friendships and careers and babies and fasting and loss and friendships and futures and husbands and sisters and hope and friendships and jesus and facebook and blogs and bagels and friendships....
and well i think you get the idea.
we jumped in and out of topics and back in again seamlessly.
Suddenly I looked down and it was two and half hours later and we had made lots of loops.

And there is no magic formula for good conversation but I am pretty sure it involves coffee and plenty of circles.


Beth (and Eric) said...

That is AWESOME! So true. Good stuff! Like I said, time flies when you're talking to a good friend! Speaking of circles, I'm glad that our lives have circled back around to each other. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I didn't talk your ear off too much! I had a blast.

And you know what is even better? That you probably wrote this blog on your phone because your computer is broken. How much does that mean to me?! Lots!

michelle said...

ok. have to confess that i wrote it on shaun's work computer and not my phone. it would have had way more typos w/ predict a text.
but....i so would have. typos and all.

Beth (and Eric) said...

That's okay! I still love it. Oh yeah, and the other thing you need besides circles? Honesty! :)

Corinne said...

Talking in circles with friends and coffee is possibly the best therapy ever :)