Move This

Last night I happened to get to the Y minutes before a popular Zumba class was starting.
If you don’t know what Zumba is it is a cross between salsa dancing, aerobics and those naughty moves from dance videos that you never want to see your kids doing.

This class is always full and I have watched it from my treadmill a few times. I’m not really sure why, but last night I wandered in.

Let me preface this with a few things.
I don’t do formal aerobics.
Not since that crazy aerobics fad about a dozen years ago where you slid on a slippery pad with these little footie things and I slid completely off and about broke my face.
Or the time I took out not only my own “step” but also the two people’s next to me in step aerobics and the instructor kindly encourage me to try the circuit room.
Or the time I managed to almost knock myself out in kickboxing.
Or my perpetual fear of farting during pilates/yoga ( and I’m just not stretchy like that).
Or not being able to sit down for a week after spin class.

I also don’t dance.
I mean back in the day I did do a mean MC Hammer and I entertained a very brief club face that did involve some dancing. ( if that is what you want to call it).
And I also lost many a pound post baby #1 making my way up to the intermediate level on Dance Dance Revolution.
And we do have dance parties in the living room every time the “family song” comes on…….
but I don’t dance (or sing) in front of other people (without much liquid encouragement), and this is the way we want to keep it.
For safety reasons.

But….Zumba always looks like so much fun.
And I just wasn’t feeling the treadmill last night.
I thought maybe I could sneak into the back and go un-noticed.
I stood next to a mousy looking Asian woman with glasses, another woman who looked about 10 months pregnant, and anther older than my mom. Thinking surely I could hang with these girls.

And let me tell you, pregnant girl, mousy Asian woman and grandma have some serious moves.
This overweight white girl DOES NOT.
I tired.
I so tried.
I cumbiaed, salsaed, popped it, shook it, rolled it and did some moves that make my club days look tame.
If I were Catholic I’d have to go to confession.

I was stiff and off beat and went the wrong way and looked ridiculously silly.
But silly and slightly skinnier.


samskat said...

i've been wanting to try zumba but i'm a chicken....even though my minor was dance....maybe i'll try it now.

samskat said...

follow up comment:

went to yoga tonight, the pregnant girl in my yoga class had better balance than me. did i mention i minored in dance???? argh.

Dawn said...

I think I just wet my pants from laughing so hard!

Dawn said...

(This is Brent). I share the fear of farting during yoga. It hasn't happened yet it's only a matter of time.