Friday Playlist - Girls Only

Tomorrow I am hosting a brunch for a local Women’s Shelter……..and I’m feeling the girl vibe. So today’s list will be in honor of all those women who have such a heavy load to carry. And 10 is just not enough……but I'll try to cap it at a dozen.

1.Tori Amos– Silent All These Years (neither Tori, nor this song, need any commentary…and is pretty fitting for the occasion)
2.Fesit – I feel it all (this group just makes me happy)
3.Kendall Payne – Scratch (so many songs to choose from, but this is my favorite-est…and yes I know that isn’t really a word, but it should be).
4.JJ Heller _ Hands ( favorite new find. Watch the video below and you too will fall in love)
5.Priscilla Ahn - Dream ( this song is heaven)
6.Schuyler Fisk – Fall Apart Today (ridiculously hopeful without being sappy)
7.Katie Sawicki – For the Quiet (could listen to this song a hundred times in the car and drive forever…warning it is sad and quiet like that).
8.Indigo Girls - Mystery ( takes me back to lying flat on my back on some Loma Linda tennis courts looking at the stars)
9.Dolly Parton – 9 to 5 ( I love me some Dolly, seriously, and lately I have been hitting snooze too many times. This song can get me moving in the morning like no other)
10.Sarah McLaughlin – Ordinary Miracle (did you see her kill this at the opening ceremonies for the Olympics)
11.Ani difranco – Wishin and Hopin (ok, not your typical Ani song……but so fun)
12.A Fine Frenzy - What I wouldn’t Do ( happy and pretty, if you like Feist, or Regina Spektor or things like that you will love her)

I am leaving so many out that belong here………but I will save them for another week!
And you? Your favorite female artist?


Corinne said...

Tori & Ani... you can't get much better than that, but add in Priscilla Ahn and you're golden :)

KPHammer said...

I'm surprised Tracy Chapman didn't make the list...