The Friday Playlist ... LIVE AND IN CONCERT

I love live music. Except for the fact that most concerts start after my bed time….and ticket prices are ridiculous ( even more ridiculous when you factor in a baby sitter).
Last night we went to the Palladium to see Tegan and Sara. The show was greatness. You can read about the last time we saw them here:
But this week I decided to do a live playlist…meaning only bands that I have seen perform live.

1. The Chair – George Strait. ( this was my first concert ever and I think Patty Lovelace opened….I wore acid washed Guess jeans and baby blue boots and thought I was sooooooo cool. Keep in mind that this was College Station and I was limited to mainly country artists.

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2. To Make You Feel My Love -- Garth Brooks (yes more country. College Station remember, and I was in high school………I don’t think Boys 2 Men and their matching outfits ever made it to the big BCS. Sure some of my friends had already discovered college music and were sneaking into clubs that I didn’t even know about listening to bands I’d never heard of like Tripping Daisy…but I was not yet this cool. Ok, I’m still not that cool and I still don’t like Tripping Daisy…but my musical tastes have much improved some)

3. Sweet River Roll – Waterdeep
Fast forward to fall semester of my freshman year….most of these concerts were the small coffee shop Christian variety. They opened up for Caedmons Call and they were just this little hippie newlywed couple that no one had heard of yet. They came out barefooted and played their guitars and chattered and blew me away. Lots of good Christian concerts can go here ( Jennifer Knapp, Bebo Norman, Shane Banard, etc…) and all great. What I loved about them most is this genre tends to tell more stories and talk a lot on stage.

4. Typical Situation – Dave Mathews Band Ok concert itself was kind of a disaster……too many people….too much beer……and outside in the HOT HOT texas heat. But it was Dave so they still killed.

5. Carney Man – Cross Canadian Ragweed ( this was just the beginning of my TX country phase…..which I still heart…and should also include greats like Willie, Jerry Jeff Walker and Robert Earl Keen)

6. Your Next Bold Move – Ani Difranco. Saw her in Austin and she did not disappoint. Although Shaun was slightly uncomfortable as one of the ONLY males in the audience.

7. Time after Time - Cindy Lauper. So this was at a Taste of Addison and so after her prime………but still loved it.

7. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Lookin For – U2. Tess had a super high fever and Shaun took one for the team and stayed home with her. The acoustics in the Cowboys stadium were AWFUL but….I was in the same zipcode as Bono so I don’t really care. Although I wish I could have the 2 hours of my life stuck in line to get out of the parking lot back.

8. Cannonball - Damien Rice. He was actually the opening act for Fionna Apple ....but totally stole the show.

9. Aumbulance – Eisley. Shaun loves this band…….and trust me I’d rather go to this kind of concert with him than a Flogging Molly one.

10. Divided – Tegan and Sara. Last night’s great adventure. This is the second time I have seen them and love love loved it. Actually being so crazy tired from being out hours past my bedtime and making me forget all the other great concerts I've been I'll just have to cut it off here. what is the best show you have ever caught live?


Sarah said...

I don't know. I've only been to a few, but it's a toss up between Michael W. Smith and Aerosmith for favorite. Pretty sure I cried at both. Which is kinda sad.

I have also seen Sarah Mac and the Indidgo Girls, which were fabulous concerts as well.

Dawn said...

Best - toss up between Rod Stewart & Tina Turner...Van Halen was pretty rockin' too!

Worst - toss up between Whitney Houston & Elton John...and I was on the second row for Elton. It was horrible and really disappointing!

KPHammer said...

Patty Griffin or Ani. Those two never ever disappoint.

Katie Delp said...

didn't we go to the Waterdeep concert together. I have vivid memories as well of how good (and new and raw) they were at that time in their career.

michelle said...

Sarah -- jealous of Sarah....but also seen Micheal W Smith and Indigo Girls. sorry, even friends are friends forever live didn't make me tear up.
Dawn- you do know it is 2010 right?
KP - you are too spoiled with all your NY music. I am jealous and am counting on you to keep me current. You will have to guest post a friday play list for me some week :) (although no hammer)
and KATIE --- we so went to that concert together AND I should have totally added our RUN DMC adventure to the list because it was so bad and funny to see middle aged men in tracksuits screaming all the lyrics!

Alyssa said...

Sorry to get in late on the conversation. I went to the Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, CA in 1998 and got to see R.E.M., Phish, the Wallflowers, BareNaked Ladies, and Sarah McLachlan all do all acoustic sets. It's the kind of show that I wish others were modeled after, and all of the proceeds went to the Bridge School started by Neil Young to help kids who suffer with autism and various other issues.