Friday Playlist

Ok, Going to try something new and start a Friday playlist.
Or my own personal top 10 for the week if you will.

My taste is a little ecclectic. Try not to judge if you see a little Miley Sirus or something equally embarrassing thrown in to the mix. Currently my tastes run a little sleepy-folky with the occasional bad workout song thrown in ( blame kid kraddick). So here goes......

I also take suggestions........b/c well my cool factor has totally worn off. (30+, 2 babies and the cartoon network will do that to a girl). And am hoping for an excuse to spend more time and dollars on itunes. Anything in the name of research, right?

1. Love you Now - Madi Diaz.
love her. and this song. and pretty much all her others :)

2. Alligator -- Tegan and Sara
just a warning, i have tickets to T&S late this month and there will probably be one of their songs on the list for weeks. They are the finest thing to come out of Canada ever...and they almost make up for Celein Dion and Shania Twain.

3. Umbrellas -- Sleeping at Last
read about this group in Cold Tangerines by shauna niequest, which is a book i love even more than this band.

4.When Doves Cry -- the Be Good Tanyas
yes, that when doves cry. just listen, you will be surprised.

5. By your Side - Tenth Avenue North
ok, I'll admit it.... I don't like most Christian music...but this song is GOOD.

6. Need you Now - Lady Antebellum
blame all the radio play for this choice, but I just like it

7. Soul Sister - Train
(see #6) I'm still hooked on Meet Virginia.

8. I Know You Know - The Friendly Indians
This is the theme song for Psych.....which just started a new season. This song and this show and Shawn and Gus can always put a smile on my face.

9. Chicken Fried - The Zach Brown Band
I can't explain this choice only that I love it and I always run faster when it comes on my ipod.

10. When I Dream of Michealangelo -- Counting Crows.
It has rained for about the last week. And next week it is supposed to rain some more.
Nothing compliments wet and dreary like Counting Crows. what song is stuck in your head this week?


Beth (and Eric) said...

Ha ha! LOVE Chicken Fried and Need You Now! And, I can't wait for Tegan & Sara -- I like Alligator, but I also like "Sentimental Tune" and something like "Cure"? I'm gonna check out the others you posted later...
My favorite one that you sent me a few months ago was "Fall Apart Today" :)

Sarah said...


just heard Soul Sister for the first time this morning and thought it was so catchy! Also, I love Psych--I'm glad to know another fan. I adored the episode with the a capella group last season. And Cold Tangerines is fabulous, isn't it?

nachogy said...

How He Loves
-David Crowder Band

michelle said...

Jen...I love that song too! They were just in town...did you go?

samskat said...

"Beautiful" by Joydrop. Lyrics are a little iffy sometimes, but GREAT for working out. Makes ya feel a little better... Actually, pretty much anything off their Metasexual album makes me smile.

Margie said...

I'm, um, embarrassed by how little I know; I literally checked out of Everything New after I had kids, so I'm looking forward to learning more about what you like.

Wish we could meet and listen together so I could get some recommendations. I'm ready to immerse myself again in new music, but need to figure out what's there.

michelle said...

but Margie we can...we both live in the same area code.
coffee on me.....and we don't really have to talk music.

and kat, I will check them out! Anything to motivate me while I am working out!

nachogy said...

No, I missed DCB this time. When Keb and I were in college at Baylor, they were the praise band on the stage every Sunday. Crazy, huh? Crowder is the real deal. He's such a normal (or not... lol) guy.